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1# $Id$
2PortSystem          1.0
3name                htp
4version             1.16
5categories          textproc
7description         an HTML pre-processor
8long_description    Htp was intended as a HTML pre-processor. It is able to \
9                    preprocess HTML, XHTML, XML and CSS files (htp could \
10                    process any text based files). Its purpose is to assist \
11                    you to maintain a consistent "look" over an entire set of \
12                    web pages. This is done by allowing you to define your own \
13                    tags as abbreviations for sets of standard HTML tags.
15platforms           darwin
16master_sites        sourceforge
17checksums           md5 8f5a720601e8406147fa146cfca77f34 \
18                    sha1 f2d421f27611d7bc9e7dda5a16f4efb129309b20 \
19                    rmd160 ff565a36fb4eacb87d6a8e915a892516ca884f21
20patchfiles          patch-Makefile.config.diff \
21                    patch-src-os.h.diff
23configure {
24# configure is done via the patch
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