source: trunk/dports/textproc/mosesdecoder/files/patch-train-model.perl.diff

Last change on this file was 98599, checked in by hum@…, 8 years ago

mosesdecoder: update to 20121007; remove fetch.type git and add checksums; remove patch_jam-files_sanity.jam.diff that was integrated into the upstream; install scripts at /opt/local/libexec/mosesdecoder/scripts; fix bin path in train-model.perl.

File size: 376 bytes
  • scripts/training/train-model.perl

    old new  
    4242   $_DICTIONARY, $_EPPEX, $IGNORE);
    4343my $_CORES = 1;
     44my $_EXTERNAL_BINDIR = "@prefix@/bin";
    4546my $debug = 0; # debug this script, do not delete any files in debug mode
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