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Undo r38082 because the affected ports are in the xcode, gnustep, python24 and python25 portgroups where the default for use_configure is no. Thanks to Bryan Blackburn for pointing this out.

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1# $Id: Portfile 38289 2008-07-15 04:06:14Z $
3PortSystem 1.0
4PortGroup python24 1.0
6name                    pylize
7version                 1.3b
8categories              textproc python
9platforms               darwin
10maintainers             nomaintainer
11description             pylize is a presentation generation tool
12long_description        pylize is a Python script that makes the creation of \
13                                on-screen presentations a matter of a few minutes. It \
14                                generates a template master document, which you can edit with \
15                                your favourite text or HTML editor. The master document is \
16                                then processed by pylize to generate HTML files for every \
17                                slide plus a file for the table of contents. You can view the \
18                                presentation with any CSS-capable webbrowser.
21master_sites    ${homepage}/download/
22distname                pylize-${version}
23checksums               md5 ab88ef521602c826390fe919b6bc572e
24use_bzip2               yes
26depends_run             port:py-htmlgen
28use_configure   yes
29configure.cmd   ${python.bin}
31configure.args  ${prefix}
33post-destroot   {
34        xinstall -m 644 -W ${worksrcpath} COPYING Changelog README TODO \
35                doc/all.html ${destroot}${prefix}/share/doc/${name}
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