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1# $Id: Portfile 96964 2012-08-23 02:12:50Z $
3PortSystem 1.0
4name            rpl
5version         1.4.1
6platforms       darwin
7categories      textproc
8license         Restrictive/Distributable
10description     Rpl is a Unix replacement utility
11long_description   \
12                rpl is a Unix text replacement utility. It will replace strings with new \
13                strings in multiple text files. It can scan directories recursively and \
14                replace strings in all files found. The search can be limited to files \
15                with certain filename suffixes (e.g. '.html', '.c', etc.).
18checksums       rmd160  140630adce395641faabaffffd3fb60c73aecbf9 \
19                sha256  291055dc8763c855bab76142b5f7e9625392bcefa524b796bc4ddbcf941a1310
20destroot {      system "cd ${worksrcpath} && \
21                install src/${name} ${destroot}${prefix}/bin && \
22                install man/${name}.1 ${destroot}${prefix}/share/man/man1" }
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