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[20486]1# $Id: Portfile 20486 2006-11-03 15:39:02Z $
3PortSystem 1.0
[19050]5name            tnef
6version         1.3.3
7categories      mail textproc
[19050]9description     Microsoft MS-TNEF attachment unpacker
11platforms       darwin
[13855]12long_description    TNEF provides a way to unpack those pesky \
13    Microsoft MS-TNEF MIME attachments. It operates like tar in order \
14    to upack any files which may have been put into the MS-TNEF \
15    attachment instead of being attached seperately.
[19050]16master_sites        sourceforge:tnef
17checksums       md5 9c45dd2a453aaf7af95d2a662930fe5d
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