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1PortSystem      1.0
3name            tth
4version         3.30
5revision        2
7description     a TeX to HTML transaltor
8categories      textproc print
9platforms       darwin freebsd
12checksums       md5 7f754189e1229e12d73e9e18208cf878
13distname        ${portname}_C
14extract.suffix    .tgz
15configure       {}
16build           {cd ${workpath}/${distname};
17                  system "cc -o ${portname} ${portname}.c" }
18destroot        {cd ${workpath}/${distname};
19                  system "install -c ${portname} ${destroot}/${prefix}/bin"
20                  system "install -c latex2gif ${destroot}/${prefix}/bin"
21                  system "install -c ps2gif ${destroot}/${prefix}/bin"
22                  system "install -c ps2png ${destroot}/${prefix}/bin"
23                  system "install -c ${portname}.1 ${destroot}/${prefix}/man/man1"}
24long_description        TTH translates TEX, the predominant mark-up language for \
25                        expressing mathematics, into HTML, the language of world-wide-web browsers. \
26                        It thereby enables mathematical documents to be made available on the web. \
27                        Document structure, using either the Plain or LaTeX macro packages, \
28                        is also translated and incorporated in the form of hyperlinks.
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