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1# $Id: Portfile 90392 2012-03-04 05:51:18Z $
3PortSystem        1.0
4name              haserl
5version           0.8.0
6categories        www devel
7platforms         darwin
8maintainers       nomaintainer
9description       tiny CGI wrapper
10long_description  Haserl is a tiny (<30k) CGI wrapper that uses a UNIX \
11                  shell to provide PHP-like scripting for dynamic web \
12                  content.  It parses form data placing the data in \
13                  environment variables.  It also supports file-uploads and \
14                  running as a non-privileged user.
16master_sites      sourceforge:project/haserl/haserl/${version}
17checksums         md5 bd9195d086566f56634c0bcbbbcbebea
18                  # unverified -- upstream does not publish signatures!
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