source: trunk/dports/www/webkit-gtk/files/patch-JavaScriptCore-wtf-gobject-GOwnPtr.h.diff @ 91895

Last change on this file since 91895 was 91895, checked in by jeremyhu@…, 8 years ago

webkit-gtk: Address build failure with recent glib changes. Dev timeout, #33957. Also re-fix #22864 while here...

File size: 1023 bytes
  • JavaScriptCore/wtf/gobject/GOwnPtr.h

    old new  
    2626#include <wtf/Assertions.h>
    2727#include <wtf/Noncopyable.h>
     29#include <glib.h>
     30#include <gio/gio.h>
    2931// Forward delcarations at this point avoid the need to include GLib includes
    3032// in WTF headers.
    31 typedef struct _GError GError;
    32 typedef struct _GList GList;
    33 typedef struct _GCond GCond;
    34 typedef struct _GMutex GMutex;
    35 typedef struct _GPatternSpec GPatternSpec;
    36 typedef struct _GDir GDir;
    37 typedef struct _GHashTable GHashTable;
    38 typedef struct _GFile GFile;
    39 extern "C" void g_free(void*);
     33// typedef struct _GError GError;
     34// typedef struct _GList GList;
     35// typedef struct _GCond GCond;
     36// typedef struct _GMutex GMutex;
     37// typedef struct _GPatternSpec GPatternSpec;
     38// typedef struct _GDir GDir;
     39// typedef struct _GHashTable GHashTable;
     40// typedef struct _GFile GFile;
     41// extern "C" void g_free(void*);
    4143namespace WTF {
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