source: trunk/dports/www/webkit-gtk/files/xrender-check.patch @ 97402

Last change on this file since 97402 was 92147, checked in by jeremyhu@…, 8 years ago

webkit-gtk: Fix the +pango variant and address another +quartz build failure (#34134)

File size: 453 bytes

    old new fi 
    10211021# check for XRender under Linux/Unix. Some linkers require explicit
    10221022# linkage (like GNU Gold), so we cannot rely on GTK+ pulling XRender
    1023 if test "$os_win32" = "no"; then
     1023if test "$with_target" = "x11"; then
    10241024   PKG_CHECK_MODULES([XRENDER], [xrender])
    10251025   AC_SUBST([XRENDER_CFLAGS])
    10261026   AC_SUBST([XRENDER_LIBS])
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