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x11 dependent ports: Force port: based X11 dependencies

As mentioned over the past month and a half on macports-dev:

This should address the underlying problem in tickets:

This commit updates all ports explicitly depending on X11. These ports now
explicitly rely on X11 libraries in MacPorts rather than using lib: based
dependencies satisfied by X11 libraries in $x11prefix. The former policy was
devised due to the difficulty of providing such libs easily to the MacPorts
community under the old monolythic X distribution. Due to the project's
transition to the autoconf build system and modularization of the project as
well as the XQuartz projects efforts to make these new releases work on OSX,
MacPorts can now have more control over its offerings and provide users with
better consistency and stability.

Other ports that "inherited" the X11 dependency may still require a revision
bump to link against the new libs. If you find a binary or library linking
against $x11prefix/lib/lib*.dylib after 'sudo port upgrade outdated' (and
you're not using the +system_x11 variant), please report that, so we can get
it fixed.

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1# $Id: Portfile 45603 2009-01-18 20:52:41Z $
3PortSystem          1.0
4name                editres
5version             1.0.3
6revision            1
7categories          x11 graphics
8maintainers         blb openmaintainer
9description         Dynamic resource editor for X11 Toolkit applications
10long_description \
11   Editres is a tool that allows users and application developers to view \
12   the full widget hierarchy of any X Toolkit application that speaks the \
13   Editres protocol.   In addition, editres will help the user construct \
14   resource specifications, allow the user to apply the resource to the \
15   application and view the results dynamically.  Once the user is happy \
16   with a resource specification editres will append the resource string to \
17   the user's X Resources file.
19platforms           darwin
22master_sites        ${homepage}pub/individual/app/
23use_bzip2           yes
25checksums           md5     a25f931cc6c8d03daaed434f5db5df2d \
26                    sha1    f87c18325ae169ea349b59f8bad77375f50d65be \
27                    rmd160  1e9da4d41b39458df93d2ee559b27f2d86dfba26
29depends_build       port:pkgconfig
31depends_lib         port:xorg-libXaw
33configure.args      --disable-xprint
35livecheck.check     regex
36livecheck.regex     ${name}-(\[\\d.\]+)${extract.suffix}
37livecheck.url       ${master_sites}
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