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Last change on this file was 50572, checked in by jeremyhu@…, 9 years ago

All ports: Remove reference to $x11prefix

Now that the X11 libs are provided by MacPorts and the +system_x11
compatability variant is gone, there is no need to use the system X11 libs and
headers. Users can still use the system X11 server (or any server for that

Some ports have received revision bumps becasue they were previously referring
to x11prefix even when the users were not using +system_x11. The revision
bump fixes the reference and forces a rebuild. Other ports have NOT received
revision bumps because they should be identical to what would've been
installed by default (-system_x11) before this patch.

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1# $Id: Portfile 50572 2009-05-04 19:19:09Z $
3PortSystem       1.0
4name             eyeclock
5version          2.0
6revision         2
7categories       x11
8maintainers      nomaintainer
9description      A clock with eyes following the mouse pointer
10long_description \
11    EyeClock is a simple clock application for X11. You can put \
12    your favorite picture on the face of the clock. And you can \
13    move the eyes of the picture following the mouse pointer.
15platforms        darwin
17checksums        md5 bd2a6c70c9a13cb80efd7893ece4acbf
18patchfiles       patch-Makefile
20depends_lib \
21        port:xpm \
22        port:xorg-libXt
24use_configure    no
25use_parallel_build yes
27build.args       PREFIX=${prefix}
28destroot.destdir PREFIX=${destroot}${prefix}
29 OCFLAGS="${configure.cflags}" OLDFLAGS="${configure.ldflags}" X11BASE=${prefix}
32variant universal {
33 OCFLAGS="${configure.cflags} ${configure.universal_cflags}" OLDFLAGS="${configure.ldflags} ${configure.universal_ldflags}"
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