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Last change on this file since 1790 was 1790, checked in by eric, 18 years ago

Convert x11prefix to what was discussed with landonf. This may become part
of a bigger x11 configuration if macro-like framework is ever implemented.

  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
File size: 367 bytes
1PortSystem 1.0
2name            vtwm
3version         5.4.6a
4categories      x11
6description     Twm with a virtual desktop and optional Motif-like features
7platforms       darwin
9checksums       md5 92ffb32732a8736409b40b261ce94414
10prefix          ${x11prefix}
11use_xmkmf       yes
12patchfiles      patch-gram.y
14contents        bin/vtwm \
15                man/man1/vtwm.1
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