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wmbinclock: add xpm dep, use correct compiler and archflags

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1# $Id: Portfile 82872 2011-08-21 08:29:49Z $
3PortSystem       1.0
5name             wmbinclock
6version          0.1
7categories       x11
8maintainers      nomaintainer
9description      a binary clock windowmaker applet
10long_description \
11    wmBinClock is a windowmaker applet that displays the current \
12    system time as a binary clock. You have to add up the bits \
13    to get the time. The clock has a 24 hour format.
15platforms        darwin
16master_sites     ${homepage}
17checksums        md5 83bc44148870b04a9d6588c7e0558058
18worksrcdir       wmBinClock
19depends_lib      port:xpm
20patch {
21    reinplace "s|#include <values.h>||" $worksrcpath/wmBinClock.c
23use_configure    no
24build.args       CC="${}" \
25                 INCDIR="${configure.cppflags}" \
26                 CFLAGS="${configure.cflags} -Wall ${configure.cc_archflags}" \
27                 LIBDIR="${configure.ldflags} ${configure.ld_archflags}"
28destroot.destdir DESTDIR=${destroot}${prefix}
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