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1# $Id: Portfile 58762 2009-10-04 22:52:43Z $
3PortSystem        1.0
5name              worker
6version           2.17.4
7categories        x11
8maintainers       nomaintainer
9description       highly configurable two-paned file manager for X
10long_description  \
11    Worker is a file manager much like the Amiga's DirOpus.  It can be controlled with mouse or keyboard.  There is no restriction on the number or type of button functions.  Files are recognized by both extension and content, content by recognizing common bytes in the sample files you show it.  Drag & Drop is supported.
13platforms         darwin
14depends_lib port:xorg-libsm \
15            port:xorg-libice \
16            port:xorg-libX11
17master_sites      ${homepage}/downloads
18checksums         md5    ec421e3a7b8445563c35bd818d551966         \
19                  sha1   4eb7870b87aeff4b1cced80a8dcb543ab13e19a8 \
20                  rmd160 c8d19bdc1e8d206f074daae1ffe713d5b6672906
22configure.args    --x-includes=${prefix}/include --x-libraries=${prefix}/lib
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