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[26662]1# $Id: Portfile 97300 2012-09-03 03:05:48Z $
3PortSystem 1.0
5name                    xfe
[40390]6version                 1.19.2
[97300]7revision                2
[26662]8categories              x11
9platforms               darwin freebsd
[50980]10maintainers             afb
[26662]11description             X File Explorer (Xfe) is an MS-Explorer like file manager for X.
12long_description        \
13X File Explorer (Xfe) is a filemanager for X. It is based on the popular \
14X Win Commander, which is discontinued. Xfe is desktop independent and \
15is written with the C++ Fox Toolkit. It has Windows Commander or \
16MS-Explorer look and is very fast and simple. The main features are: \
17file associations, mount/umount devices, directory tree for quick cd, \
18change file attributes, auto save registry, compressed archives \
19view/creation/extraction and much more.
22master_sites            sourceforge:xfe
[40390]24checksums               md5 64e976fbd8ee3faceddd9c73efdc5dee
[27589]25depends_lib             lib:libFOX-1.6:fox lib:libpng:libpng port:freetype
27configure.args          --with-included-gettext --enable-release
[28499]29configure.env           LIBS="-lX11 -lXft"
[26662]30post-configure          {
31                                reinplace "s;/usr/local/share;${prefix}/share;" \
32                                          ${worksrcpath}/src/xfedefs.h
33                        }
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