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1# $Id: Portfile 30260 2007-10-23 02:33:09Z $
2PortSystem              1.0
3PortGroup               zope 1.0
5zope.setup              ExternalEditor 0.8
6maintainers             nomaintainer
7description             Zope ExternalEditor Product
8long_description        The ExternalEditor is a Zope product that allows you \
9                                        to drop into your favorite editor(s) directly from \
10                                        the ZMI to modify Zope objects. Its one of those \
11                                        "have your cake and eat it too" kind of things.
12homepage      ${zope.product}
13master_sites    ${homepage}/${version}
14distname                ${zope.product}-${version}-src
15extract.suffix  .tgz
16checksums               md5 c7db1275c4b5097e9719d4ac4e3309e9
17platforms               darwin freebsd
19post-install {
20        ui_msg "------------------------------------------------------------"
21        ui_msg "It is recommended to install ZopeEditManager on all Mac OS X"
22        ui_msg "systems and zopeedit on all non-Mac OS X systems that will"
23        ui_msg "be used to edit Zope documents."
24        ui_msg "------------------------------------------------------------"
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