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1  <?php
3    include_once("$DOCUMENT_ROOT/includes/");
4    /* include_once("$DOCUMENT_ROOT/includes/"); */
5    print_header('Get Help', 'iso-8859-1');
6  ?>
8        <div id="content">
9                <h2 class="hdr">Get Help</h2>
11                <p>If you get stuck while using DarwinPorts and have a problem you
12                        can't figure out, we have a lot of resources to help you.</p>
14                <h5 class="subhdr">Documentation</h5>
16                <p>The <a href="/docs/">DarwinPorts Guide</a> has a section for DarwinPorts users,
17                <a href="">Part 1: Using DarwinPorts</a>.</p>
19                <p>The <a href="">DarwinPorts FAQ</a>
20                is now an ongoing, user driven effort part of our <a href="">Wiki</a>,
21                where anyone with a <a href="">Wiki account</a>
22                and DarwinPorts knowledge can contribute with information to help others.</p>
24                <p>All of our documentation is a work in progress, so if you spot
25                        an error, or have a quesiton about some part of the document,
26                        let us know!  This will help us </p>
28                <h5 class="subhdr">Mailing Lists</h5>
30                <p>The 
31                        <a href="">General DarwinPorts
32                        mailing list</a> is open to all.  It is the best place to ask
33                        questions about DarwinPorts, for new users, developers,
34                        everyone alike!  It is also where all discussion about
35                        DarwinPorts itself takes place.  Please note that due to spam problems,
36                        the DarwinPorts mailing list requires posts from
37                        non-subscribers to be approved.  It may be better to susbcribe.</p>
39                <p>Although not strictly a requirement, you may check the
40                        <a href="">list archives</a>
41                        before posting a question. We try to be as helpful as possible, but
42                        if it's a common question our answers may be fairly short.</p>
44                <p>Otherwise, indexed archives of this list are easily browsable at
45                        <a href=""></a> as well as through
46                        <a href="nntp://">NNTP</a>.</p>
48                <p>When you post a question to the mailing list, please included
49                        any information you think might be relevent to the problem,
50                        such as what operating system and version you're using, Mac OS X
51                        10.3.2 for example, whether you have any other third party
52                        software installed, in /usr/local for instance, and any error
53                        messages that DarwinPorts might give (use the -d and -v port(1)'s
54                        flags to turn on debugging informations, it's a lot easier for
55                        us to help you once these are used).</p>
57                <h5 class="subhdr">IRC</h5>
59                <p>For more real-time discussion, the #darwinports channel on the <a
60                        href="">Freenode IRC network</a> is generally
61                        where we hang out.</p>
63                <p>Though it is generally helpful, please keep in mind that no one is
64                        obligated to help or even answer your question if you join the IRC
65                        channel.  Do not take it personally, simply ask your question
66                        on the <a href="">mailing list</a>
67                        instead.</p>
69        </div>
73  print_footer();
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