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2  /* $Id: index.php 29011 2007-09-13 05:41:18Z $ */
4  include_once("$MPWEB/includes/");
5  include_once("$MPWEB/includes/");
6  print_header('MacPorts -- Home', 'utf-8');
8    <div id="content">
9      <h2 class="hdr">Introduction to MacPorts</h2>
10      <p>
11        The MacPorts Project's main goal is to provide an easy way to
12        install various open-source software products on the <a
13        href="">Mac OS X</a> operating system.
14      </p>
15      <p>
16        There are currently about <?php echo ports_count(); ?> completed and
17        usable <a href="ports.php">ports</a>, with more being added on
18        a regular basis. You can track recently added ports by subscribing to
19        the <a href="">macports-changes</a>
20        mailing list.
21      </p>
22      <p>
23        For more information on obtaining and installing MacPorts, please see
24        the <a href="getmp.php">Get MacPorts</a> section of this site.
25        Also be sure to check out the <a
26        href="">documentation</a>, and if
27        and if you have questions or run into problems, you can get help at our
28        <a href="help.php">help section</a>. The
29        <a href="">MacPorts
30        Wiki</a>is also a good resource for general and miscellaneous help,
31        specially the ongoing <a
32        href="">FAQ</a>
33        effort.
34      </p>
35      <p>
36        Bug reports, feature requests, and new ports should be submitted as
37        <a href="">new
38        tickets</a> into our Trac system. Please consult the <a
39        href="">documentation</a>
40        to improve the processing of your ticket(s).
41      </p>
42      <p>
43        For information on becoming an official member of the MacPorts project
44        with write access to our subversion repository, please consult the
45        <a href="">relevant
46        documentation</a> detailing our membership requirements and resulting
47        duties &amp; benefits from holding a MacPorts account.
48      </p>
49      <p>
50        <b>Current MacPorts <a href="getmp.php">release</a>: <?php print "$mp_version_latest"; ?></b>
51      </p>
52      <div id="news">
53        <h2 class="hdr">Project News</h2>
55  print_headlines();
57        <p>You can also browse our <a href="archives.php">news archives</a>.</p>
58      </div>
59    </div>
61  print_footer();
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