source: users @ 57916

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
afb 57890   11 years afb packages for other platforms: FreeBSD
anddam 57797   11 years and.damore cleaned user directory
armahg 38253   12 years armahg Adding MPFMidtermRelease files / folders to /users/armahg
blb 44400   12 years blb /users/blb - remove 1.7.0rc1 files
devans 57847   11 years devans GNOME_2_27/www/webkit-gtk: add missing patch file.
dweber 54264   11 years dweber Remove my test Portfile so it will not collide with the default cmake …
easieste 39964   12 years easieste Rewrote the initialization code so that sequential invocation of …
eridius 26224   13 years eridius Add a dummy file for use in fixing the pextlib curl tests
febeling 51708   11 years febeling buildports: fix uninstall ports operation, and small fixes.
giorgio_v 57708   11 years giorgio_v Updated to version 3.1.0
imajes 23734   13 years imajes add in a userdir for me, and also add in the psd for the bg i built…
jberry 38927   12 years raimue Move MPWA to contrib/
jmpp 29141   13 years jmpp Create user dir for myself and add a little script that shows existing …
juanger 57192   11 years juanger New beta version of Pallet for MacPorts 1.8
kimuraw 54466   11 years kimuraw correct support status
krischik 52737   11 years krischik remove references to /opt/local
mnick 54433   11 years mnick move macports.vim to contrib/ and adapt mp* naming scheme
mww 38928   12 years raimue Move select to contrib/
perry 46062   12 years perry perry/base-bugs_and_notes - Removed old branch.
pguyot 23741   13 years pguyot Initial commit of gems_to_portfile.rb to my users/ space.
pipping 28042   13 years pipping r75: make test scripts silent, use a loop for openssl to avoid …
raimue 55946   11 years raimue valgrind has been moved to trunk/dports/ in r55942
rhwood 37596   12 years rhwood Fix #15619
ryandesign 57916   11 years ryandesign minivmac, minivmac-devel: don't copy the scripts to worksrcpath, since …
scantor 55224   11 years scantor Delete local copy
sfiera 26441   13 years sfiera Missed one
toby 57755   11 years toby misc
yves 26217   13 years yves Remove distfiles
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