source: users @ 72667

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
yves 26217   13 years yves Remove distfiles
toby 65319   10 years toby whitespace
sfiera 26441   13 years sfiera Missed one
scantor 55224   11 years scantor Delete local copy
ryandesign 72534   10 years ryandesign Authentication now needs the data directory too
rhwood 37596   12 years rhwood Fix #15619
raimue 69615   10 years raimue Remove PortIndex from version control
pipping 28042   13 years pipping r75: make test scripts silent, use a loop for openssl to avoid …
pguyot 23741   13 years pguyot Initial commit of gems_to_portfile.rb to my users/ space.
perry 46062   11 years perry perry/base-bugs_and_notes - Removed old branch.
nox 62822   10 years nox Commit make-hunspell-dict-ports.php script used in r62758
mww 38928   12 years raimue Move select to contrib/
mnick 54433   11 years mnick move macports.vim to contrib/ and adapt mp* naming scheme
krischik 70050   10 years krischik New Dovecot scripts - meta data
kimuraw 70245   10 years kimuraw users/kimuraw/ruby_select: copy port:ruby19 from trunk
juanger 59282   11 years juanger New Pallet dmg (Snow Leopard compatible)
jmr 67146   10 years jmr move restore_ports to contrib
jmpp 29141   13 years jmpp Create user dir for myself and add a little script that shows existing …
jberry 38927   12 years raimue Move MPWA to contrib/
imajes 23734   13 years imajes add in a userdir for me, and also add in the psd for the bg i built…
giorgio_v 72515   10 years giorgio_v Updated to version 3.2.1
ged 68038   10 years ged Removing obsolete openldap24 port
febeling 51708   11 years febeling buildports: fix uninstall ports operation, and small fixes.
eridius 26224   13 years eridius Add a dummy file for use in fixing the pextlib curl tests
eborisch 67525   10 years eborisch py25-pydicom py26-pydicom: Update (in sandbox) to new version …
easieste 39964   12 years easieste Rewrote the initialization code so that sequential invocation of …
dweber 58885   11 years dweber Link fails when using custom macports link options
dports 72667   10 years dports Copy texlive ports in preparation for TL2010 update
devans 71657   10 years devans devans/GNOME_2_27: remove outdated test branch
blb 44400   11 years blb /users/blb - remove 1.7.0rc1 files
armahg 38253   12 years armahg Adding MPFMidtermRelease files / folders to /users/armahg
anddam 72242   10 years and.damore work in progress Portfile for dangerdeep game
afb 57890   11 years afb packages for other platforms: FreeBSD
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