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    668668    </section>
    669669  </section>
     671  <section id="internals.buildbot">
     672  <title>MacPorts' buildbot</title>
     674      <para>The <ulink url="">buildbot</ulink> is a port
     675      build-service currently supporting building of all committed ports for Snow Leopard,
     676      Lion, and Mountain Lion using the MacPorts AutoBuild
     677      (<ulink url="">MPAB</ulink>)
     678      scripts.</para>
     680      <para>Every time a maintainer commits changes to MacPorts' central SVN repository
     681      the buildbot will check whether a rebuild of the corresponding port(s) would
     682      be necessary. If the port(s) in question are distributable their binary
     683      archives will be kept for subsequent distribution for the three most current
     684      versions of the Mac OS X operating system.</para>
     686      <para>If a build error occurred for a port its maintainer will be informed via
     687      an email so that problems which did not surface on the maintainer's machine will
     688      not go unnoticed.
     690      Port maintainers will find the
     691      <ulink url="">waterfall</ulink>
     692      and the
     693      <ulink url="">builders</ulink>
     694      views most useful since they give information about the build status and offer
     695      the possibility to build ones port(s) on specific builders.</para>
     697      <para>Thus the buildbot helps to keep MacPorts consistent on various
     698      OSX versions, i.e. a maintainer does not need access to these versions anymore in
     699      order to assure that the port(s) maintained build without problems. Currently only
     700      the default port variants will be build and kept.</para>
     702  </section>
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