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installing.xml: expand section on installing Xcode command line tools; remove section on how to install Xcode < 4.3 from the Mac App Store since that version is no longer available there; fix reference to Xcode 4.x for Snow Leopard

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    128128      </para>
    130       <note>
    131         Xcode &lt; 4.3 downloads from the Mac App Store are not installed
    132         automatically. You need to manually run the application
    133         <quote>Install Xcode</quote> from your Applications folder.
    134       </note>
    136130      <section id="installing.xcode.lion.43">
    137         <title>Xcode 4.3</title>
     131        <title>Xcode 4.3 and later</title>
    138132        <para>
    139           After installing Xcode 4.3, the Command Line Tools must be installed.
    140           This is done from the Downloads section of Xcode's preferences.
     133          Xcode 4.3 and later do not automatically install the command line tools, but
     134          MacPorts requires them. To install them, open the Xcode application, go to the
     135          Preferences window, to the Downloads section, and click the Install button
     136          next to Command Line Tools. Be sure to return to this window after every Xcode
     137          upgrade to ensure that the command line tools are also upgraded.
    141138        </para>
    142139        <para>
    156153      <para>If you are using Mac OS X 10.6, there are two branches of Xcode
    157         which could be considered to be the latest, 3.2.x and 4.0.x. Xcode 4
     154        which could be considered to be the latest, 3.2.x and 4.x. Xcode 4
    158155        costs money, but Xcode 3 is still available free of charge. There are
    159156        two options for downloading it:
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