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    5454author needs to be aware of the various standard targets, the options
    55 that they require, and the variables that both the targets and the port
    56 system provides.
     55that they require and the variables that both the targets and the port
     56system provide.
    5858All ports are required to set certain variables.

    9898.Sy Example:
    99 .Dl description \*qDictionary Server Protocol (RFC2229) client\*q
     99.Dl description Dictionary Server Protocol (RFC2229) client
    100100.It Ic long_description
    101101A verbose description of the software and what it does.
    118118.It Ic revision
    119 Local revision number of portfile.
    120 Increment for port revisions.
     119Local revision number of
     120.Nm .
     121Increment for port revisions which would change its installation in any way.
    122123.Sy Type:
    203204The checksum
    204205.Ar type
    205 can currently can be md5 or sha1. The
     206can currently be md5 or sha1. The
    206207.Ar filename
    207208can be omitted if there is only one distfile.
    212213.Sy Example:
    213214.Bd -literal -offset indent -compact
    214 checksums dictd-1.7.1.tar.gz md5 81317b86ea0a5df0163900ad2e6bb12c
    215     magic-words-1.7.1.tar.gz md5 897a005182928613eadd30c267ce9c5b
     215checksums dictd-1.7.1.tar.gz md5 81317b86ea0a5df0163900ad2e6bb12c \e\
     216        magic-words-1.7.1.tar.gz md5 897a005182928613eadd30c267ce9c5b
    218219.Sy Example (ledit 1.11):
    219220.Bd -literal -offset indent -compact
    220 checksums md5 a2d38ba641682509c1e964ad699a9dd2
    221     sha1 1fb6443b5fdf3c83787953f06282d256477c1288
     221checksums md5 a2d38ba641682509c1e964ad699a9dd2 \e\
     222        sha1 1fb6443b5fdf3c83787953f06282d256477c1288
    223224.It Ic use_automake
    290291Change the environment the
    291292.Va target
    292 is run in. This is often overridden.
     293is run in. This is often overridden on a per
    294297.Sy Example:
    302305Main arguments to pass to the
    303306.Va target .
    304 This is often overridden.
     307This is often overridden on a per
    306311.Sy Example:
    412417is a program, "lib" if it is a library, or "path" if it is a path to an
    413418installed file. If the dependency is really on a whole port and not an
    414 individual file, then a dummy value of "XXX" can be used as the
    415 .Ao filename Ac .
     419individual file, then the alternative syntax:
     420.Bl -tag -width ls
     421.It port: Ns Ao port Ac
     424should be used.
     425.Ao port Ac represents the name of an existing Darwinports
     426.Nm port .
    416427.Bl -tag -width lc
    417428.It Ic depends_build
    575586As an alternative to fetching distribution files, pulling the sources
    576587from a CVS repository is supported. Use of CVS can give rise to
    577 non-reproducible builds, so is strongly discouraged.
     588non-reproducible builds, so it is strongly discouraged.
    578589.Bl -tag -width lc
    579590.It Ic cvs.tag
    604615.Dl extract.only worksrc-1.4.4.tar.gz
    605616.It Ic extract.cmd
    606 Command to perform extract.
     617Command to perform the extraction.
    608619.Sy Type:
    732743.Sy Example:
    733744.Dl destroot.umask 002
     745.It Ic destroot.keepdirs
     746List of directories that should not be pruned if empty upon
     747.Cm destroot
     750.Sy Type:
     751.Em optional
     753.Sy Example:
     754.Dl destroot.keepdirs ${destroot}${prefix}/var/log/mysql
    735756.Sh TEST OPTIONS
    803824.Op Cm conflicts Ar variant
    805 The value is usually a TCL script which modifies other port
     826The value is usually a TCL script which modifies other port's
    807828variables. Dependencies and conflicts with other variants in the same
    9791000.It Ic existsgroup Ar group
    9801001Check if a local group exists.
    981 .Ic nextgid
     1002.It Ic nextgid
    9821003Returns the highest used gid plus one.
    9831004.It Ic reinplace Ar regex Ar filename
    984 Provide in-place editing of a file.
     1005Provide in-place sed like editing of a file.
    9861007.Sy Example:
    9871008.Dl reinplace \*qs|/usr/local|${prefix}|g\*q doc/manpage.1
     1009.It Ic file
     1010Standard TCL command to manipulate file names and attributes. See
     1011.Xr file n .
    9881012.It Ic system Ar commandline
    9891013Execute a program. See
    9901014.Xr system 3 .
     1015For calls to
     1016.Xr install 1
     1017please use
     1018.Nm xinstall .
     1019For calls to
     1020.Xr mv 1 ,
     1021.Xr cp 1 ,
     1022.Xr rm 1
     1023or similar, please use
     1024.Nm file .
    9911025.It Ic variant_isset Ar variant
    9921026Checks if the given
    10651099.Xr port 1 ,
    10661100.Xr porthier 7 ,
    1067 .Xr portstyle 7
     1101.Xr portstyle 7 ,
     1102.Xr file n
    10681103.Sh AUTHORS
    10691104.An "Landon Fuller" Aq
    10701105.An "Kevin Van Vechten" Aq
    10711106.An "Jordan K. Hubbard" Aq
     1107.An "Chris Ridd" Aq
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