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    3131These commands create OS X-native binary archives of a given port. Depending on
    32 the command, either a .dmg disk image file, or a .pkg installer package is
    33 created.
     32the command, one of a .dmg disk image file, a .pkg, or .mpkg installer package
     33is created.
    35 *port dmg* creates an OS X disk image. *port pkg* wraps the same files in an OS
    36 X installer package. In most cases you probably want to package a port and all
    37 its library and runtime dependencies in a single package suitable for binary
    38 redistribution. You can use a metapackage to do this. Create one using *port
    39 mdmg* or *port mpkg*.
     35*port pkg* creates an OS X installer package that installs all files that belong
     36to a given port. *port dmg* wraps this installer package in a disk image. In
     37most cases you probably want to package a port and all its library and runtime
     38dependencies in a single package suitable for binary distribution. *port pkg*
     39and *port dmg* don't do that, so those are only useful if you are going to take
     40care of the dependencies separately. *port mpkg* creates an .mpkg installer
     41image that contains installer packages for each of the dependencies and is
     42suitable for standalone redistribution. *port mdmg* wraps this .mpkg package in
     43a disk image.
     45On OS X 10.6 and later, the generated installer packages are in "flat" format,
     46such that wrapping them in a disk image is no longer necessary for online
     47redistribution. Prior to OS X 10.6, generated installer packages use a resource
     48fork and can thus not be used for online distribution without a wrapping disk
    4151All packages are placed in a port's work directory, which can be located using
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