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Sep 2, 2014, 7:44:07 PM (6 years ago)

backuppc cextract gdchart newmat newran nifticlib py-chm py-chm2pdf py-hcluster py-ode py-psychopy py-pynifti py-pywavelets py26-pymvpa py26-tvdb py26-tvnamer py27-instapaperlib shogun uclatools xmedcon: Ports abandoned. (#44641)

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  • trunk/dports/devel/cextract/Portfile

    r59062 r125011  
    55version             1.7
    66categories          devel
    7 maintainers         jameskyle
     7maintainers         nomaintainer
    88description         C prototype extractor
    99long_description \
  • trunk/dports/graphics/gdchart/Portfile

    r115019 r125011  
    77revision            7
    88categories          graphics
    9 maintainers         jameskyle
     9maintainers         nomaintainer
    1010description         Easy to use C API, high performance library.
    1111long_description    Create charts and graphs in PNG, GIF and WBMP format.
  • trunk/dports/graphics/nifticlib/Portfile

    r104366 r125011  
    99categories          graphics science
    1010license             public-domain
    11 maintainers         jameskyle
     11maintainers         nomaintainer
    1313description         niftilib is a collection of i/o routines for the nifti1 neuroimage data format
  • trunk/dports/math/newmat/Portfile

    r63302 r125011  
    88revision          1
    99categories        math
    10 maintainers       jameskyle
     10maintainers       nomaintainer
    1212description       This C++ library is intended for scientists and engineers who need to manipulate a variety of types of matrices using standard matrix operations.
  • trunk/dports/math/newran/Portfile

    r57375 r125011  
    66version           02
    77categories        math
    8 maintainers       jameskyle
     8maintainers       nomaintainer
    1010description       This is a C++ library for generating sequences of random numbers from a wide variety of distributions.
  • trunk/dports/math/shogun/Portfile

    r123274 r125011  
    1212license             GPL-3
    14 maintainers         jameskyle openmaintainer
     14maintainers         nomaintainer
    1616description         The machine learning toolbox's focus is on large scale \
  • trunk/dports/python/py-chm/Portfile

    r114324 r125011  
    99categories              python textproc
    1010platforms               darwin
    11 maintainers             jameskyle
     11maintainers             nomaintainer
    1212description             PyCHM is a set of Python bindings for Jed Wing's chmlib.
    1313long_description        ${description}
  • trunk/dports/python/py-chm2pdf/Portfile

    r114324 r125011  
    88categories                    python textproc
    99platforms                       darwin
    10 maintainers                   jameskyle
     10maintainers                   nomaintainer
    1111description                   chm2pdf is a convenient wrapper around chmlib and htmldoc\
    1212                    for quickly converting chm files.
  • trunk/dports/python/py-hcluster/Portfile

    r114324 r125011  
    88version             0.2.0
    99revision            1
    10 maintainers         jameskyle
     10maintainers         nomaintainer
    1111description         This library provides Python functions for agglomerative clustering.
    1212long_description    ${description} The interface is very similar to MATLAB's \
  • trunk/dports/python/py-ode/Portfile

    r114324 r125011  
    99categories-append   games graphics
    1010license             {LGPL-2.1+ BSD}
    11 maintainers         jameskyle
     11maintainers         nomaintainer
    1212description         Python bindings for The Open Dynamics Engine
    1313long_description    ${description}, an open-source physics engine.
  • trunk/dports/python/py-psychopy/Portfile

    r122358 r125011  
    1010platforms               darwin
    1111supported_archs         noarch
    12 maintainers             jameskyle openmaintainer
     12maintainers             nomaintainer
    1414set gproject            PsychoPy
  • trunk/dports/python/py-pynifti/Portfile

    r114324 r125011  
    1111platforms               darwin
    1212license                 public-domain
    13 maintainers             jameskyle
     13maintainers             nomaintainer
    1414description             PyNIfTI aims to provide easy access to NIfTI images from within Python.
    1515long_description        ${description}. It uses SWIG-generated wrappers for the NIfTI reference library and provides the NiftiImage class for Python-style access to the image data.
  • trunk/dports/python/py-pywavelets/Portfile

    r114324 r125011  
    1414python.versions     26 27
    16 maintainers         jameskyle openmaintainer
     16maintainers         nomaintainer
    1818description         PyWavelets is a Python wavelet transforms module
  • trunk/dports/python/py26-pymvpa/Portfile

    r120912 r125011  
    1313platforms               darwin
    14 maintainers             jameskyle
     14maintainers             nomaintainer
    1616description             PyMVPA is a Python module intended to ease pattern classification analyses of large datasets.
  • trunk/dports/python/py26-tvdb/Portfile

    r106911 r125011  
    88version                 1.5
    99platforms               darwin
    10 maintainers             jameskyle
     10maintainers             nomaintainer
    1111description             An easy to use API interface to
    1212long_description        ${description}
  • trunk/dports/python/py26-tvnamer/Portfile

    r72112 r125011  
    88version                 master
    99platforms               darwin
    10 maintainers             jameskyle
     10maintainers             nomaintainer
    1111description             Renames files in a standard way that's easily parsable \
    1212                        For example, becomes \"foo bar \
  • trunk/dports/python/py27-instapaperlib/Portfile

    r78632 r125011  
    99categories-append   textproc
    1010license             MIT
    11 maintainers         jameskyle
     11maintainers         nomaintainer
    1212description         Python API for
    1313long_description    Instapaper is a simple web app for saving pages for reading \
  • trunk/dports/science/uclatools/Portfile

    r50984 r125011  
    66version           1.0.3
    77categories        science graphics
    8 maintainers
     8maintainers       nomaintainer
    99description       Set of utilities for converting, analysing, and manipulating MRI image data.
    1010long_description        UCLATools includes a collection of programs written mainly by Mark S. Cohen at the UCLA Center for Cognitive Neuroscience. They provide a variety of functionalityin relation to MRI imaging. Each tool has a usage that should clarify it's utility.
  • trunk/dports/science/xmedcon/Portfile

    r115019 r125011  
    88revision            1
    99categories          science graphics
    10 maintainers         jameskyle
     10maintainers         nomaintainer
    1111description         an open source toolkit for medical image conversion
    1212long_description    xmedcon is a framework specifically designed to resolve the complexities involved with conversion of medical image formats. It offers a GUI, a CLI (medcon), and a library for writing custom applications licensed under the (L)GPL.
  • trunk/dports/sysutils/backuppc/Portfile

    r82553 r125011  
    66version                3.1.0
    77revision              1
    8 maintainers           jameskyle
     8maintainers           nomaintainer
    1010description           BackupPC is a high-performance, enterprise-grade system for backing up Linux, WinXX and Mac OS X PCs and laptops to a server's disk.
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