Jan 22, 2015, 7:34:32 PM (4 years ago)

haskell world: revbump everything (including ghc)

  • Clean up remnants left in GHC's package directory that may be left over from previous installations. See for example #46611, which has a log of all the superfluous files left on the buildbots, which should be cleaned up by this.
  • Modify portgroups to register configuration files in $prefix/lib/ghc-7.8.3/package.conf.d/ directly before calling ghc-pkg recache rather than using activation and deactivation scripts that indirectly create these files to avoid the same mess in the future. This way, the state in the package cache directory will always represent the same state MacPorts expects.
  • Simplify and clean up some of the portgroups, especially related to variable substitution in pre-/post-activation hooks.
  • Avoid duplicating most of the code in the haskellplatform 2.0 portgroup and just refer back to the haskell 1.0 portgroup instead.
  • Apply the hook variable substitution cleanup to the local helper functions in the haskell-platform Portfile.

This change

  • should finally fix #46611 and #42082 and all the weird little misconfigurations that would occasionally occur on users' machines
  • adds helpful debugging information (ghc-pkg list, ghc-pkg check) to the main.log in the configure phase.
  • breaks manual installation of haskell packages (e.g. using cabal) in the system directory, because the ghc Portfile will clean out everything that isn't owned by a port in the package cache directory. If this affects you, be advised that you should not be putting stuff MacPorts doesn't know about in MacPorts' prefix. Instead, please use user installations of these packages.
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  • trunk/dports/devel/hs-fclabels/Portfile

    r131201 r131981  
    77# hs-pointedlist needs fclabels == 1.1.*
    88haskell.setup       fclabels
    9 revision            2
     9revision            3
    1010checksums           rmd160  7b68bc4323568af903c5b573999b059fbb0e520a \
    1111                    sha256  d637223d0f49d978af69efc204dc2e32679a3b1f32b4d2905a8b05fbd7c864b8
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