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    r141270 r141376  
    3434# compilers for providing options for, example, different optimizations. More
    3535# importantly, this port group provides the ability to interact with packages
    36 # that need MPI since MPI is juat a wrapper around a compiler.
     36# that need MPI since MPI is just a wrapper around a compiler.
    3838# Usage:
    4040#   PortGroup               compilers 1.0
     42# Available procedures:
     43# compilers.choose {args}
     44#   Possible arguments: cc cxx cpp objc fc f77 f90
     45#   A list of which of these compilers you want to be set by the variants (e.g. ${configure.cc}).
     46#   The default is all of them. Must come before compilers.setup in the Portfile to have an effect.
     47# compilers.setup {args}
     48#   Possible arguments: any compiler variant name with a minus removes it from the list of variants, e.g. -llvm.
     49#   -gcc, -dragonegg, -clang remove all compilers of that category. -fortran removes gfortran and g95.
     50#   Blacklisted compilers are automatically removed, as are ones that do not support the compilers in compilers.choose:
     51#   e.g. if choose is just f90, clang variants will not be added.
     52#   This procedure must be in the Portfile to create all the compiler variants and set the default.
     53#   Appropriate conflicts, dependencies, etc. are created too.
     54# c_active_variant_name {depspec}: which C variant a dependency has set
     55# c_variant_name {}: which C variant is set
     56# fortran_active_variant_name {depspec}: which Fortran variant a dependency has set
     57# fortran_variant_name {}: which Fortran variant is set
     58# clang_variant_isset {}: is a clang variant set
     59# clang_variant_name {}: which clang variant is set
     60# gcc_variant_isset {}: is a GCC variant set
     61# gcc_variant_name {}: which GCC variant is set
     62# avx_compiler_isset {}: is a C compiler supporting AVX set
     63# fortran_variant_isset {}: is a Fortran variant set
     64# compilers.enforce_c {args}: enforce that a dependency has the same C variant as is set here
     65# compilers.enforce_fortran {args}: enforce that a dependency has the same Fortran variant as is set here
     67# The compilers.gcc_default variable may be useful for setting a default compiler variant
     68# even in ports that do not use this PortGroup's automatic creation of variants.
    4270PortGroup active_variants 1.1
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