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    r960 r1488  
    66description     Differential GPS over IP communication device
     7long_description        On a stationary GPS without a differential correction \
     8                        signal, you should see a 20 m average radius "drunken walk" \
     9                        pattern. On the same receiver with DGPS corrections and a \
     10                        good view of the sky, the error the same receiver with DGPS \
     11                        corrections and a good view of the sky, the error should be \
     12                        reduced to approximately 2 m average radius. If you've always \
     13                        wanted to know exactly where your house is located without that \
     14                        annoying GPS "wander," but didn't want to spend the money for \
     15                        a DGPS radio, here is your big chance! I'd like to announce a \
     16                        fun DGPS hack. I've written a small Un*x server and client for \
     17                        redistributing DGPS correction signals over the Net. Basically \
     18                        the server grabs the serial byte stream from my DGPS radio and \
     19                        sends it off over a TCP connection. The client does the same thing \
     20                        but in reverse.  The result is that you can receive the local DGPS \
     21                        corrections from absolutely anywhere by using the Internet as the \
     22                        world's largest extension cord.  You'll still need to be within 1000 \
     23                        miles or so of San Francisco, California, USA for best results. However \
     24                        chances are better error will still be reduced if you are 2000 to 3000 \
     25                        miles away. Several respondents from 2000 miles away have noted that the \
     26                        remote differential signals have diminished the SA-induced position and \
     27                        velocity errors by approximately 3 times.
    728platforms       darwin freebsd
  • trunk/dports/comms/scud/Portfile

    r960 r1488  
    66description     Tell your CID capable modem to answer those annoying calls
     7long_description        If you have the caller id service from your phone provider and your modem has caller id capability (accepts AT+VCID=2 or AT#CID=2 commands), This port can cause the modem to answer the call giving the caller an earful.
    78platforms       darwin freebsd
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