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Dec 14, 2005, 5:10:20 AM (15 years ago)

Merge to HEAD changes between tags release_1_2-bp and release_1_2_0 on
release_1_2 branch. This should incorporate all changes that were made
on the 1.2 branch between the time it branched from HEAD, and the time
1.2 was tagged.

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  • trunk/base/ChangeLog

    r15089 r15506  
    2 #       $Id: ChangeLog,v 1.25 2005/11/20 16:33:05 jberry Exp $
     2#       $Id: ChangeLog,v 1.26 2005/12/14 05:10:16 jberry Exp $
    44#       This is a log of major user-visible changes in each release
    7 Release 1.2 (unreleased):
     7Release 1.2 (14-Dec-2005):
    99        - Syntax change to disambiguate uses of the port's version on the command
    102102          file (emit path to the port's Portfile)
    103103          (jberry)
     105        - On make install, upgrade ports.conf and sources.conf to change
     106          to This is now our preferred rsync hostname.
     107          Likewise, rename the rsync destination directories in ${prefix}/var/db/dports/sources
     108          in a similar fashion (jberry)
  • trunk/base/

    r15338 r15506  
    1 SUBDIR= doc src portmgr
     1SUBDIR          = config doc src portmgr
     2DISTDIR         = dist
     3DISTVER         =
     4DISTTAG         = release_${subst .,_,${DISTVER}}
     5DISTNAME        = DarwinPorts-${DISTVER}
     6DISTARCTAG      = ${DISTTAG}-archive
     7DISTARCNAME     = ${DISTNAME}-archive
     8CVSLOGIN        = ${USER}
    310include Mk/
    20         $(INSTALL) -o ${DSTUSR} -g ${DSTGRP} -m 644 dp_version ${DESTDIR}${portconfigdir}
     27        # Compatibility upgrade from dp 1.1 to dp 1.2
     28        @echo "Renaming rsync'd directories from to"
     29        if test -d ${localstatedir}/db/dports/sources/rsync.rsync.opendarwin.org_dpupdate_dports \
     30           -a ! -d ${localstatedir}/db/dports/sources/rsync.rsync.darwinports.org_dpupdate_dports; then \
     31                mv ${localstatedir}/db/dports/sources/rsync.rsync.opendarwin.org_dpupdate_dports \
     32                   ${localstatedir}/db/dports/sources/rsync.rsync.darwinports.org_dpupdate_dports; \
     33        fi
     34        if test -d ${localstatedir}/db/dports/sources/rsync.rsync.opendarwin.org_dpupdate1 \
     35           -a ! -d ${localstatedir}/db/dports/sources/rsync.rsync.darwinports.org_dpupdate1; then \
     36                mv ${localstatedir}/db/dports/sources/rsync.rsync.opendarwin.org_dpupdate1 \
     37                   ${localstatedir}/db/dports/sources/rsync.rsync.darwinports.org_dpupdate1; \
     38        fi
    2140        @echo ""
    2241        @echo "Congratulations, you have successfully installed the DarwinPorts system."
    3453        rm -f config.log config.status configure.lineno
    35         rm -rf autom4te.cache
     54        rm -rf autom4te.cache ${DISTDIR}
    3655        rm -f Makefile Mk/
     58        cd ${DISTDIR}; cvs -d ":ext:${CVSLOGIN}" co -N -r ${CVSTAG} ${REPOPATH}
     59        cd ${DISTDIR}; mv ${REPOPATH} ${PKGNAME}; rm -Rf darwinports
     62        cd ${DISTDIR}; COPY_EXTENDED_ATTRIBUTES_DISABLE=true tar --exclude CVS -c ${PKGNAME} | gzip > ${PKGNAME}.tar.gz
     63        cd ${DISTDIR}; COPY_EXTENDED_ATTRIBUTES_DISABLE=true tar --exclude CVS -c ${PKGNAME} | bzip2 > ${PKGNAME}.tar.bz2
     64        cd ${DISTDIR}; for type in -md5 -sha1 -ripemd160; do openssl dgst $$type ${PKGNAME}.tar.gz ${PKGNAME}.tar.bz2; done >> ${DISTNAME}.chk.txt
     66_dopkg: _gettag _pkgdist
     68# This target fetches a tagged distribution from cvs, and generates tarballs and checksums for it
     70        @[ -n "${DISTVER}" ] || ( echo Must specify DISTVER, like: make DISTVER=1.1 dist; exit 1 )
     71        [ -d ${DISTDIR} ] || mkdir ${DISTDIR}
     72        rm -f ${DISTDIR}/${DISTNAME}.chk.txt
     73        ${MAKE} PKGNAME=${DISTNAME} REPOPATH=darwinports/base CVSTAG=${DISTTAG} _dopkg
     74        ${MAKE} PKGNAME=${DISTARCNAME} REPOPATH=darwinports CVSTAG=${DISTARCTAG} _dopkg
     78.PHONY: dist _gettag _pkgdist _dopkg
  • trunk/base/doc/Makefile

    r14422 r15506  
    2525                rm -f "${INSTALLDIR}/man"; \
    2626        fi
    2728        if test ! -e "${INSTALLDIR}/man" ; then \
    2829                $(LN_S) share/man ${INSTALLDIR}/man; \
    2930        fi
    30         $(SILENT)if test ! -e ${DESTDIR}/${portconfigdir}/ports.conf ; then \
     32        # Install the ports.conf file. If it's already installed, upgrade it
     33        if test ! -e ${DESTDIR}/${portconfigdir}/ports.conf ; then \
    3134                set -x; \
    3235                $(INSTALL) -o ${DSTUSR} -g ${DSTGRP} -m 644 ports.conf ${DESTDIR}${portconfigdir}; \
     36        else \
     37                sed -e s/ ${DESTDIR}${portconfigdir}/ports.conf > ${DESTDIR}${portconfigdir}/ports.conf.tmp && \
     38                        mv ${DESTDIR}${portconfigdir}/ports.conf.tmp ${DESTDIR}${portconfigdir}/ports.conf; \
    3339        fi
    35         $(SILENT)if test ! -e ${DESTDIR}${portconfigdir}/sources.conf ; then \
     41        # Install the sources.conf file. If it's already installed, upgrade it
     42        if test ! -e ${DESTDIR}${portconfigdir}/sources.conf ; then \
    3643                set -x; \
    3744                $(INSTALL) -o ${DSTUSR} -g ${DSTGRP} -m 644 sources.conf ${DESTDIR}${portconfigdir}; \
     45        else \
     46                sed -e s/ ${DESTDIR}${portconfigdir}/sources.conf > ${DESTDIR}${portconfigdir}/sources.conf.tmp && \
     47                        mv ${DESTDIR}${portconfigdir}/sources.conf.tmp ${DESTDIR}${portconfigdir}/sources.conf; \
    3848        fi
    3950        $(SILENT)if test ! -e ${DESTDIR}${portconfigdir}/variants.conf ; then \
    4051                set -x; \
  • trunk/base/doc/TODO.txt

    r15220 r15506  
    2 # $Id: TODO.txt,v 1.3 2005/11/29 16:42:57 jmpp Exp $
     2# $Id: TODO.txt,v 1.4 2005/12/14 05:10:17 jberry Exp $
    44# DarwinPorts TODO List
    1010Version 1.2:
     12        (these may make it into 1.2)
    1213    - Add to port(1) manpage docs for new port(1) syntax. (Juan & documentation team, hopefully ;-)
    1314    - Add to portfile(7) manpage docs for the new startupitem keys. (idem)
    3233          this get used anywhere? It certainly complicates our handling of relative urls/
    3334          directories.
  • trunk/base/doc/portfile.7

    r14541 r15506  
    12591259.Xr port 1 ,
    12601260.Xr ports.conf 5 ,
     1261.Xr portgroup 7 ,
     1262.Xr portstyle 7 ,
    12611263.Xr porthier 7 ,
    1262 .Xr portstyle 7 ,
    1263 .Xr portgroup 7 ,
    12641264.Xr file n
    12651265.Sh AUTHORS
  • trunk/base/doc/portgroup.7

    r14018 r15506  
    238238.Sh SEE ALSO
    239239.Xr port 1 ,
     240.Xr ports.conf 5 ,
    240241.Xr portfile 7 ,
    241 .Xr porthier 7 ,
    242 .Xr portstyle 7
     242.Xr portstyle 7 ,
     243.Xr porthier 7
    243244.Sh AUTHORS
    244245.An "Paul Guyot" Aq
  • trunk/base/doc/porthier.7

    r14541 r15506  
    2828.\"     @(#)hier.7      8.1 (Berkeley) 6/5/93
    2929.\" $FreeBSD: src/share/man/man7/hier.7,v 2003/01/13 21:43:50 ceri Exp $
    30 .\" $Id: porthier.7,v 1.8 2005/10/11 04:16:16 jberry Exp $
     30.\" $Id: porthier.7,v 1.9 2005/12/14 05:10:17 jberry Exp $
    3232.\" Take from FreeBSD and adjusted to DarwinPortss' needs.
    116116.Xr ports.conf 5 ,
    117117.Xr portfile 7 ,
     118.Xr portgroup 7 ,
    118119.Xr portstyle 7 ,
    119120.Xr hier 7
  • trunk/base/doc/ports.conf.5

    r14541 r15506  
    155155.Sh SEE ALSO
    156156.Xr port 1 ,
     157.Xr portfile 7 ,
     158.Xr portgroup 7 ,
     159.Xr portstyle 7
    157160.Xr porthier 7 ,
    158 .Xr portfile 7 ,
    159 .Xr portstyle 7
    160161.Sh AUTHORS
    161162.An "Matt Anton" Aq
  • trunk/base/doc/

    r14976 r15506  
    4343# Rsync server to use
    44 rsync_server  
    4646# Rsync directory from which to pull the base/ component (infrastructure) of DP
  • trunk/base/doc/portstyle.7

    r14541 r15506  
    122122.Xr ports.conf 5 ,
    123123.Xr portfile 7 ,
     124.Xr portgroup 7 ,
    124125.Xr porthier 7
    125126.Sh HISTORY
  • trunk/base/doc/sources.conf

    r12159 r15506  
    33# Example: file:///Users/landonf/misc/darwinports/dports
    5 # To get darwinports from the opendarwin rsync server use:
    6 # rsync://
    7 rsync://
     5# To get darwinports from the darwinports rsync server use:
     6# rsync://
  • trunk/base/src/darwinports1.0/darwinports.tcl

    r14976 r15506  
    11# darwinports.tcl
    2 # $Id: darwinports.tcl,v 1.199 2005/11/07 15:18:56 jberry Exp $
     2# $Id: darwinports.tcl,v 1.200 2005/12/14 05:10:19 jberry Exp $
    44# Copyright (c) 2002 Apple Computer, Inc.
    392392        # Set rync options
    393393        if {![info exists rsync_server]} {
    394                 set darwinports::rsync_server
     394                set darwinports::rsync_server
    395395                global darwinports::rsync_server
    396396        }
    13511351                set fd [open $dp_version_path r]
    13521352                gets $fd dp_version_old
     1353                close $fd
    13531354        } else {
    13541355                set dp_version_old 0
    13611362        }
    1363         # get new darwinports version and write the old version back
    1364         set fd [open [file join $dp_base_path dp_version] r]
     1364        # get downloaded darwinports version and write the old version back
     1365        set fd [open [file join $dp_base_path config/dp_version] r]
    13651366        gets $fd dp_version_new
    13661367        close $fd
    1367         ui_msg "New DarwinPorts base version $dp_version_new"
     1368        ui_msg "Downloaded DarwinPorts base version $dp_version_new"
    13691370        # check if we we need to rebuild base
    13911392                if { [file exists $dp_tclpackage_path]} {
    13921393                        set fd [open $dp_tclpackage_path r]
    1393                                 gets $fd tclpackage
     1394                        gets $fd tclpackage
     1395                        close $fd
    13941396                } else {
    13951397                        set tclpackage [file join ${prefix} share/darwinports/Tcl]
    14001402                        return -code error "Error installing new DarwinPorts base: $result"
    14011403                }
     1404        } else {
     1405                ui_msg "The DarwinPorts installation is not outdated and so was not updated"
    14021406        }
  • trunk/base/src/port/port.1

    r14541 r15506  
    30 .Dd August 31, 2005
     30.Dd December 13, 2005
    3131.Dt PORT 1 "Apple Computer, Inc."
    3333.Sh NAME
    3434.Nm port
    35 .Nd build darwin ports
     35.Nd operate on individual or multiple Darwin
     36.Ar ports
    3637.Sh SYNOPSIS
    3839.Op Fl vdqfonausbckt
    3940.Op Fl D Ar portdir
    40 .Ar target
    41 .Op Ar portname
    42 .Op Ar options ...
    43 .Op Ar variants ...
     41.Ar action
     42.Op Ar actionflags
     43.Op Oo Ar portname | pseudo-portname | port-url Oc Oo Ar @version Oc Oo +/-variant ... Oc ... Oo option=value ... Oc
    46 is designed to read and execute the build instructions of a darwin port. If no
     46is designed to operate on individual or multiple Darwin
     47.Ar ports ,
     48optionally within a single call, based on the requested
     49.Ar action .
     50If no
    4751.Ar portdir
    4953.Ar portname
    50 is specified, the current working directory is assumed.
    51 If no
    52 .Ar target
     54is specified, the current working directory is assumed; if no
     55.Ar action
    5356is specified, the usage is displayed.
    5558.Ar options
    56 are specified as key=value pairs and take precedence over individual port options and system-wide settings.
     59are passed as key=value pairs and take precedence over individual port options and system-wide settings.
    5962.Ar variants
    60 are specified as +name, which indicates the variant is desired, and -name, which indicates the variant is not desired. In case of ambiguities, a port can be fully specified with the format
    61 .Ar version_revision+variants
    62 .Pp
    63 Installed ports can be activated or deactivated without being uninstalled. A port can be installed if another version/variant is installed but deactivated.
     63can specified as
     64.Ar +name ,
     65which indicates the variant is desired, or
     66.Ar -name ,
     67indicating the contrary. In case of ambiguities, a port can be fully specified with the
     68.Ar @version_revision+variants
     71Installed ports can be activated or deactivated without being uninstalled. A port can be installed if all other
     72version/variant(s) combinations installed at any given moment are deactivated.
    67 command knows several command line options and
    68 .Ar targets
    69 \&:
     76command knows various
     77.Ar pseudo-portnames
     78that will expand to the specified set of ports from the available dports tree(s). These may be used in place of a
     79.Ar portname .
     80Common options are:
     82.Bl -bullet -offset indent -compact
     84.Ar all :
     85all the ports in each dports tree listed in
     86.Ar sources.conf
     89.Ar current :
     90the port in the current working directory.
     93.Ar active :
     94set of installed and active ports.
     97.Ar inactive :
     98set of installed but inactive ports.
     101.Ar installed :
     102set of all installed ports.
     105.Ar uninstalled :
     106ports in the dports tree(s) that aren't installed.
     109.Ar outdated :
     110installed ports that are out of date with respect to their current version/revision in the dports tree(s)
     113Other options, also known as
     114.Ar pseudo-portname selectors ,
     115matching the most common keys used in a
     116.Ar Portfile
     117are also accepted, in both singular and plural form where applicable. These are:
     119.Bl -bullet -offset indent -compact
     121.Ar name
     123.Ar version
     125.Ar revision
     127.Ar epoch
     129.Ar variant
     131.Ar variants
     133.Ar category
     135.Ar categories
     137.Ar maintainer
     139.Ar maintainers
     141.Ar platform
     143.Ar platforms
     145.Ar description
     147.Ar long_description
     149.Ar homepage
     151.Ar portdir
     154Search strings that will expand to a set of matching ports can be constructed based on the
     155.Ar \(rqpseudo-portname selector\(lq:regex
     156combination used.
     157.Ar portnames
     158containing valid UNIX glob patterns will also expand to the set of matching ports. Any
     159.Ar action
     160passed to
     162will be invoked on each of them. For example:
     164.Dl port list variant:no_ssl
     165.Dl port uninstall name:sql
     166.\" COMMENT: glob pattern expansion in portnames:
     167.\" write an example here that illustrats better glob pattern expansion in portnames, but that does not employ
     168.\" logical operators (and, or, not, !) because I still haven't gotten to them yet.
     169.Dl port echo apache*
     171Logical operators "and", "or", "not", "!", "(" and ")" may be used to combine individual
     172.Ar portnames ,
     173port glob patterns and/or
     174.Ar pseudo-portnames
     175to construct complex port expressions that expand to the set of matching ports. For example:
     177.Dl port upgrade installed and "apache*"
     178.Dl port echo maintainer:jberry and uninstalled and \e(\ category:java and not commons*\ \e)
     179.\" COMMENT: more complex exmaples here would be useful.
     180.\" PENDING: port-url explanation. Proposed text:
     183.\".Ar portname
     184.\"may also be specified as a URL pointing to the location of the
     185.\".Ar portdir
     186.\" ...
     190command also recognizes several command line flags and
     191.Ar targets :
    70192.Sh OPTIONS
    71193.Bl -tag -width -indent
    77199.It Fl q
    78200quiet mode (suppress messages)
    79 .It Fl c
    80 autoclean mode (execute clean after install)
    81 .It Fl k
    82 keep mode (don't autoclean after install)
    83201.It Fl n
    84202dont follow dependencies in upgrade (only for upgrading)
    87205.It Fl u
    88206uninstall non-active ports when upgrading and uninstalling
    89 .It Fl D
    90 specify
    91 .Ar portdir
    92207.It Fl f
    93208force mode (ignore state file)
    98213.It Fl b
    99214binary-only mode (only build and install from binary archives, ignores source, fails when no archive present, and does not create/recreate binary archives from source) (only applies when archive mode is enabled)
     215.It Fl c
     216autoclean mode (execute clean after install)
     217.It Fl k
     218keep mode (don't autoclean after install)
     219.It Fl D
     221.Ar portdir
    100222.It Fl t
    101223enable trace mode debug facilities on platforms that support it
    103225.Sh USER TARGETS
    104226Targets most commonly used by regular DarwinPorts users are:
     227.Ss search
     228Search for an available port whose name matches a regular expression. For example:
     230.Dl "port search vim"
     232.Ss info
     233Displays all the meta-information available for
     234.Ar portname .
     235.Ss variants
     236Lists the build variants available for
     237.Ar portname .
     238.Ss deps
     239Lists the other ports that are required to build and run
     240.Ar portname .
    105241.Ss install
    106242Install and activate
    109245Deactivate and uninstall
    110246.Ar portname .
    111 To uninstall all installed but inactive ports, specify
     247To uninstall all installed but inactive ports, use
    112248.Fl u .
    113249For example:
    123259.Ss installed
    124260List all installed ports.
     261.Ss location
     262Print the install location of a given port.
     263.Ss contents
     264Lists the files installed by
     265.Ar portname .
     266.Ss provides
     267Determines which port owns a given file and can take either a relative or absolut path. For example:
     269.Dl "port provides /opt/local/etc/irssi.conf"
     270.Dl "port provides include/tiff.h"
     271.Ss sync
     272Performs a sync operation only on the dports tree of a DarwinPorts installation, pulling in the latest
     273revision available of the
     274.Ar Portfiles
     275from the DarwinPorts rsync server. To update you would normally do:
     277.Dl "sudo port -d sync"
    125278.Ss outdated
    126279List the installed ports that need upgrading.
    128281Upgrade the installed
    129282.Ar portname .
    130 To upgrade all ports, specify
     283To upgrade all ports, use
    131284.Fl a .
    132285For example:
    137290To upgrade
    138291.Ar portname
    139 wihtout following its dependencies, specify
     292wihtout following its dependencies, use
    140293.Fl n .
    141294For example:
    143296.Dl "port -n upgrade ethereal"
    144 .Ss provides
    145 Determines which port owns a given file and can take either a relative or absolut path. For example:
    146 .Pp
    147 .Dl "port provides /opt/local/etc/irssi.conf"
    148 .Dl "port provides include/tiff.h"
    149 .Ss selfupdate
    150 Updates the DarwinPorts system, both the dports tree and if needed the base tools, installing the newest infrastructure if available. To update you would typically do:
    151 .Pp
    152 .Dl "sudo port -d selfupdate"
    153 .Ss sync
    154 Performs a sync operation only on the dports tree of a DarwinPorts installation, pulling in the latest revision available of the Portfiles. To update you would do:
    155 .Pp
    156 .Dl "sudo port -d sync"
    157297.Ss clean
    158298Clean the files used for building
    159299.Ar portname .
    160 To just remove the work files, specify
    161 .Fl -work .
     300To just remove the work files, use the
     301.Fl -work
     302.Ar actionflag .
    162303To remove the distribution files (tarballs, etc), specify
    163304.Fl -dist .
    164 To remove the archive(s) for the current version of a port, specify
     305To remove the archive(s) for the current version of a port, pass
    165306.Fl -archive .
    166 To remove the work files, distribution files and archives, specify
     307To remove the work files, distribution files and archives, pass
    167308.Fl -all .
    168309For example:
    181322.Dl "port clean --archive vim '6.*'"
     323.Ss echo
     324Writes to stdout the arguments passed to
     325.Nm .
     326This follows the expansion of
     327.Ar pseudo-portnames ,
     328portname glob patterns,
     329.Ar pseudo-portname selectors
     330and the evaluation of port expressions.
     331.Nm echo
     332may be used to determine the exact set of ports to which a given string of arguments will expand, without performing any further operations on them. For example:
     334.Dl port echo category:net
     335.Dl port echo maintainer:jmpp and name:netw
     336.Dl port echo maintainer:jmpp and \e(\ net* or category:text\ \e)
    182338.Ss list
    183339List all available ports.
    184 .Ss search
    185 Search for an available port whose name matches a regular expression.
    186 .Pp
    187 .Dl "port search vim"
    188 .Pp
    189 .Ss info
    190 Displays the meta-information about an available
    191 .Ar portname .
    192 .Ss variants
    193 Lists the build variants available for
    194 .Ar portname .
    195 .Ss deps
    196 Lists the other ports that are required for building and running
    197 .Ar portname .
    198 .Ss contents
    199 Lists the files installed by
    200 .Ar portname .
    201340.Ss version
    202341Display the release number of the installed DarwinPorts infrastructure.
     342.Ss selfupdate
     343Updates the DarwinPorts system, dports tree(s) and base tools if needed, from the DarwinPorts rsync server,
     344installing the newest infrastructure available. To update you would typically do:
     346.Dl "sudo port -d selfupdate"
     347.Ss help
     348Displays a summary of all available actions and port command syntax on stdout.
    204350The targets that are often used by Port developers are intended to provide access to the different phases of a Port's build process:
     351.Ss dir
     352Displays the path to the directory containing
     353.Ar portname .
     354.Ss path
     355Displays the path for
     356.Ar portname .
     357.Ss cat
     358Concatenates and prints the contents of
     359.Ar Portfile
     360on stdout.
     361.Ss edit
     363.Ar Portfile
     364with your default editor specified in your shell's environment variable. Alias
     365.Ar ed
     366also invokes this command.
    205367.Ss unarchive
    206368Unpack the port from a pre-built binary archive. When archive mode is enabled, this command is called automatically, prior to
    259421Creates an RPM package of
    260422.Ar portname .
    261 .Sh EXAMPLE
     423.Sh EXAMPLES
    262424The following demonstrates invoking
    270432.Dl "port extract -D textproc/figlet extract.suffix=.tgz"
    273 .Ex -std
    274434.Sh FILES
    275435.Bl -tag -width
     448.Ex -std
    287449.Sh SEE ALSO
    288450.Xr ports.conf 5 ,
    289451.Xr portfile 7 ,
    290 .Xr porthier 7 ,
    291 .Xr portstyle 7
     452.Xr portgroup 7 ,
     453.Xr portstyle 7 ,
     454.Xr porthier 7
    292455.Sh AUTHORS
    293456.An "Landon Fuller" Aq
    299462.An "Juan Manuel Palacios" Aq
    300463.An "Matt Anton" Aq
     464.An "James Berry" Aq
     465.An "Joe Auty" Aq
  • trunk/base/src/port1.0/resources/fetch/mirror_sites.tcl

    r15454 r15506  
    1 # $Id: mirror_sites.tcl,v 1.32 2005/12/12 18:08:12 toby Exp $
     1# $Id: mirror_sites.tcl,v 1.33 2005/12/14 05:10:20 jberry Exp $
    22# mirror_sites.tcl
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