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    3737.Sh SYNOPSIS
    39 .Op Fl vdqfonRusbckt
     39.Op Fl vdqfonRusbckixpt
    4040.Op Fl D Ar portdir
     41.Op Fl F Ar cmdfile
    4142.Ar action
    4243.Op Ar actionflags
    5455is specified, the current working directory is assumed; if no
    5556.Ar action
    56 is specified, the usage is displayed.
     57is specified, the port command enters interactive mode in which commands are read via stdin. Batch files of commands may be specified via batch files   .
    5859.Ar options
    221222.Ar portdir
     223.It Fl F
     224Read and process the
     225.Ar file
     226of commands specified by the argument. If the argument is '-', then read commands from stdin. If the option is given multiple times, then multiple files will be read.
     227.It Fl i
     228Read commands from stdin. Short for -F -
     229.It Fl x
     230In batch and interactive mode, exit on the first error encountered. Otherwise, errors during batch execution are simply reported.
     231.It Fl p
     232Despite any errors encountered, proceed to process multiple ports and commands.
    222233.It Fl t
    223234enable trace mode debug facilities on platforms that support it (MacOS X). This feature is two-folded. It consists in automatically detecting and reporting undeclared dependencies based on what files the port reads or what programs the port executes. In verbose mode, it will also report unused dependencies for each stage of the port installation. It also consists in forbidding and reporting file creation and file writes outside allowed directories (temporary directories and ${worksrcpath}).
    225237.Sh USER TARGETS
    233245Displays all the meta-information available for
    234246.Ar portname .
     247Specific meta-information may be requested through an option such as
     248.Fl --maintainer
     250.Fl --category
     251(recognized field names are those from the portindex). If the global option
     252.Fl -q
     253is in effect, the meta-info fields will not be labeled; if the option
     254.Fl --line
     255is provided, all such data will be consolodated into a single line per port, suitable for processing in a pipe of commands.
     256For example:
     258.Dl "port info vim"
     259.Dl "port info --category --name apache*"
     260.Dl "port -q info --category --name --version category:java"
     261.Dl "port info --line --category --name all"
    235262.Ss variants
    236263Lists the build variants available for
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