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  • trunk/dports/aqua/AppKiDo/Portfile

    r20962 r21417  
    66categories      aqua devel
    77platforms       darwin
    8 maintainers
    99description     Provides a powerful interface to Apple's Cocoa documentation
    1010long_description        \
  • trunk/dports/aqua/NotificationWatcher/Portfile

    r19376 r21417  
    77categories                      aqua
    88platforms                       darwin
    9 maintainers           
    1010description                     monitors distributed and workspace notifications
    1111long_description        Notification Watcher is an application that lets you \
  • trunk/dports/devel/caml-extlib/Portfile

    r20887 r21417  
    44version             1.5
    55categories          devel
    6 maintainers
    77description         Extended Standard Library for OCaml
    88long_description    A User-supported Extended Standard Library for OCaml
  • trunk/dports/devel/caml-findlib/Portfile

    r20886 r21417  
    66worksrcdir          findlib-${version}
    77categories          devel
    8 maintainers
    99description         Objective Caml library management system
    1010long_description    The findlib library provides a scheme to manage reusable \
  • trunk/dports/devel/caml-heredoc/Portfile

    r20961 r21417  
    66version             20060107
    77categories          devel
    8 maintainers
    99description         Heredoc: syntactic sugar for text producing applications
    1010long_description    Without any doubt, OCaml is a great langage for Web publishing. \
  • trunk/dports/devel/caml-pcre/Portfile

    r20888 r21417  
    44version             5.11.2
    55categories          devel
    6 maintainers
    77description         Perl compatibility regular expressions for OCaml
    88long_description    This OCaml-library interfaces the PCRE (Perl-compatibility regular \
  • trunk/dports/mail/pantomime-framework/Portfile

    r20332 r21417  
    66categories                      mail devel
    77platforms                       darwin
    8 maintainers
    99description                     a framework for supporing POP, IMAP3, and SMTP
    1010long_description        Pantomime is a framework that implements support for POP, \
  • trunk/dports/net/ffp/Portfile

    r20340 r21417  
    77categories              net security
    88platforms               darwin
    9 maintainers   
    1010description             generates fuzzy fingerprints to facilitate MiM attacks
    1111long_description        ffp is a tool that generates fuzzy fingerprints. \
  • trunk/dports/net/torrentsniff/Portfile

    r20350 r21417  
    77version                 0.3.0
    88categories              net perl
    9 maintainers   
    1010description             torrent status program
    1111long_description        TorrentSniff is a command line Perl program \
  • trunk/dports/python/py-docutils/Portfile

    r20376 r21417  
    77version                         0.4
    88categories-append       textproc
    9 maintainers           
    1010description                     a set of tools for processing plaintext documentation
    1111long_description        Docutils is a set of tools for processing plaintext \
  • trunk/dports/ruby/rb-cstemplate/Portfile

    r20392 r21417  
    55ruby.setup              cstemplate 0.5.1 setup.rb {README DOC.html} rubyforge:866
    6 maintainers   
    77description             A fast text templating engine for Ruby
    88long_description        cs/Template is a fast text templating engine for Ruby, \
  • trunk/dports/textproc/remind/Portfile

    r20963 r21417  
    77categories              textproc pim
    88platforms               darwin
    9 maintainers   
    1010description             Remind is a sophisticated calendar and alarm program.
    1111long_description        Remind is a sophisticated calendar and alarm service for UNIX. \
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