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    1212    <title>Port Phases</title>
    14     <para>A MacPorts port has ten distinct phases. These phases automatically
    15     perform default operations for applications that use the standard
     14    <para>A MacPorts port has ten distinct phases. The MacPorts base is set to
     15    performs default operations for applications that use the standard
    1616    <command>configure</command>, <command>make</command>, and <command>make
    1717    install</command> steps, but for applications that do not conform to this
    18     behavior, any installation phase may be augmented using pre- and/or post-
    19     phases or overridden entirely.</para>
     18    behavior, installation phases may be explicitly declared in a Portfile to
     19    override or eliminate the default behavior, or augment it using pre-
     20    and/or post- phases as shown in the section "Portfile Development".</para>
    2122    <section>
    322323    <para>This section describes the MacPorts preset variables that may be
    323     used within <filename>Portfile</filename>s.</para>
     324    used within Portfiles.</para>
    325326    <section>
    657658    <title>Keywords</title>
    659     <para>This section lists MacPorts keywords by the installation phase that
    660     corresponds to their use. These keywords are used to specify non-default
    661     options for <filename>a <filename>Portfile</filename>.</filename></para>
     660    <para>MacPorts keywords are used to specify required or optional items for
     661    a <filename>Portfile</filename> or to override default options when
     662    necessary. All the keywords are to be used within the global section of a
     663    Portfile. The keywords listed below in category "global" specify
     664    information for a port as a whole, whereas the keywords listed under a
     665    port phase specify information to be used during execution of a port's
     666    corresponding phase.</para>
     668    <para>Remember that MacPorts port phases are often implicit, meaning that
     669    Portfile phases need not be defined in a <filename>Portfile</filename>.
     670    Nevertheless, keywords may be used to effect behavior of a port's
     671    installation phases that are implicit, as well as explicitly defined (when
     672    augmenting or overriding the default port phases).</para>
    663674    <section>
    14551466    <title>Tcl Primitives</title>
    1457     <para>A MacPorts <filename>Portfile</filename> is interpreted as Tcl code,
    1458     and it may contain the Tcl primitives listed below.</para>
     1468    <para>A MacPorts <filename>Portfile</filename> is a Tcl script, so it may
     1469    contain Tcl code anywhere within it, whether in the global section or a
     1470    phase. The Tcl primitives listed below are defined within the MacPorts
     1471    base code for use in Portfiles.</para>
    14601473    <variablelist>
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