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The domain no longer exists and I don't know how else to contact this maintainer so I'm removing

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  • trunk/dports/ruby/rb-aspectr/Portfile

    r20391 r28620  
    66                                sourceforge
    77revision                1
    8 maintainers   
     8maintainers             nomaintainer
    99description             Simple aspect-oriented programming in Ruby
    1010long_description        Aspect-oriented programming concepts to Ruby. \
  • trunk/dports/ruby/rb-bdb/Portfile

    r28527 r28620  
    55ruby.setup              bdb 0.5.8 extconf.rb {README.en bdb.html bdb.rd docs examples}
    6 maintainers   
     6maintainers             nomaintainer
    77description             Ruby interface to the embedded Berkeley DB
    88long_description        Ruby BDB is an interface for using Berkeley DB \
  • trunk/dports/ruby/rb-calendar/Portfile

    r20392 r28620  
    55ruby.setup              calendar 1.11r install.rb {README.en}
    66revision                1
    7 maintainers   
     7maintainers             nomaintainer
    88description             A Ruby library for calendrical calculations
    99long_description        Ruby calendar includes a "Calendrical Calculations" \
  • trunk/dports/ruby/rb-dbd-pg/Portfile

    r25709 r28620  
    99#                               rubyforge:557:ruby-dbi
    1010revision                2
    11 maintainers   
     11maintainers             nomaintainer
    1212description             Ruby DBI driver for PostgreSQL. OBSOLETE: please use dbd_pg variant of rb-dbi
    1313long_description        ${description}
  • trunk/dports/ruby/rb-dbi/Portfile

    r25744 r28620  
    88revision                1
    99distname        ${ruby.module}-${version}
    10 maintainers   
     10maintainers             nomaintainer
    1111description             The Ruby port of DBI
    1212long_description        A database independent interface for accessing \
  • trunk/dports/ruby/rb-fcgi/Portfile

    r20392 r28620  
    55ruby.setup              {fcgi ruby-fcgi} 0.8.6 install.rb {README}
    6 maintainers   
    77description             The Ruby interface to FastCGI
    88long_description        FastCGI is a language independent, scalable, open \
  • trunk/dports/ruby/rb-kwartz/Portfile

    r20394 r28620  
    55ruby.setup              kwartz 2004-05-09 setup.rb {README.en.txt doc util users-guide}
    6 maintainers   
     6maintainers             nomaintainer
    77description             A fast, clean, multi-language template system
    88long_description        Kwartz is a template system designed for web designers \
  • trunk/dports/ruby/rb-postgres/Portfile

    r20814 r28620  
    66ruby.setup              {postgres ruby-postgres} 0.7.1 extconf.rb {README doc sample}
    77revision                5
    8 maintainers   
     8maintainers             nomaintainer
    99description             Ruby API for the PostgreSQL database
    1010long_description        This is the Ruby library for accessing PostgreSQL \
  • trunk/dports/ruby/rb-rmagick/Portfile

    r20777 r28620  
    55ruby.setup              RMagick 1.14.1 gnu {README.html README.txt examples} \
    66                        rubyforge:14052
    7 maintainers   
     7maintainers             nomaintainer
    88description             The Ruby interface to ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick
    99long_description        RMagick is an interface between the Ruby programming \
  • trunk/dports/ruby/rb-rmail/Portfile

    r20401 r28620  
    55ruby.setup              {rmail rubymail} 0.17 install.rb {README NOTES doc guide}
    66revision                1
    7 maintainers   
     7maintainers             nomaintainer
    88description             A Ruby mail handling library
    99long_description        This is RubyMail, a lightweight mail library \
  • trunk/dports/www/fcgi/Portfile

    r28545 r28620  
    77revision                1
    88categories              www
    9 maintainers   
     9maintainers             nomaintainer
    1010description             The FastCGI development kit in C
    1111long_description        FastCGI is a language independent, scalable, open \
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