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Add an install procedure for running from subversion trunk, based on the HOWTO. Also fix a misplaced section tag.

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    206206        </listitem>
    207207      </orderedlist>
     209      </section>
     211      <section id="installing.macports.subversion">
     212        <title>Subversion Install</title>
     214        <para>
     215          If you installed MacPorts using the package installer, skip this                                                   
     216          section.
     217        </para>
     219        <para>
     220          There are times when some may want to run MacPorts from a version newer
     221          than the current stable release. Maybe there's a new feature that you'd
     222          like to use, or it fixes an issue you've encountered, or you just like
     223          to be on the cutting edge. These steps explain how to run completely from trunk,
     224          using only Subversion to keep MacPorts up to date.
     225        </para>
     227        <orderedlist>
     228          <listitem>
     229            <para>Check out MacPorts source</para>
     230            <para>
     231              Pick a location to store a working copy of the MacPorts code. For this example,
     232              <filename>/opt/mports</filename> will be used, but you can put the source anywhere.
     233              This example will create <filename>/opt/mports/trunk</filename> containing
     234              everything needed for MacPorts.
     235            </para>
     236            <programlisting><prompt>%%</prompt> <userinput>mkdir -p /opt/mports</userinput>
     237<prompt>%%</prompt> <userinput>cd /opt/mports</userinput>
     238<prompt>%%</prompt> <userinput>svn checkout</userinput></programlisting>
     239            <note>
     240              You only really need the base subdirectory to run MacPorts, so you can avoid checking out
     241              the rest if you don't want to use a Subversion-based ports tree (see Step 3 below). To just get
     242              the base directory, append <filename>/base</filename> to the end of the svn checkout command
     243              above. The resulting directory will then be <filename>/opt/mports/base</filename>
     244            </note>
     245          </listitem>
     247          <listitem>
     248            <para>Build and Install MacPorts</para>
     249            <para>
     250              MacPorts uses autoconf and makefiles for installation. These commands will build
     251              and install MacPorts to <filename>/opt/local</filename>. You can add the
     252              <option>--prefix</option> option to <filename>./configure</filename> to relocate
     253              MacPorts to another directory if needed.
     254            </para>
     255            <programlisting><prompt>%%</prompt> <userinput>cd /opt/mports/trunk/base</userinput>
     256<prompt>%%</prompt> <userinput>./configure --enable-readline</userinput>
     257<prompt>%%</prompt> <userinput>make</userinput>
     258<prompt>%%</prompt> <userinput>sudo make install</userinput>
     259<prompt>%%</prompt> <userinput>make distclean</userinput></programlisting>
     260          </listitem>
     262          <listitem>
     263            <para>(Optional) Configure MacPorts to use port information from Subversion</para>
     264            <para>
     265              This step is useful if you want to do port development.
     266              Open <filename>/opt/local/etc/macports/sources.conf</filename> in a text editor.
     267              The last line which should look like this:
     268            </para>
     269            <programlisting>rsync://</programlisting>
     270            <para>Change it to point to the working copy you checked out:</para>           
     271            <programlisting>file:///opt/mports/trunk/dports</programlisting>
     272            <para>Now MacPorts will look for portfiles in the working copy.</para>
     273          </listitem>
     275          <listitem>
     276            <para>Environment</para>
     277            <para>
     278              You should setup your PATH and other environment options according to
     279              the <link linkend="">following section</link>.
     280            </para>
     281          </listitem>
     282        </orderedlist>
     283      </section>
    209285      <section id="installing.macports.source.multiple">
    264340    /Library/Tcl/darwinports1.0 \
    265341    /Library/Tcl/macports1.0</userinput></programlisting>
    266     </section>
    267342  </section>
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