Changeset 4528 for trunk/dports

Jan 8, 2004, 8:29:46 AM (17 years ago)

New Port: darcs, a source code control system written in Haskell of all
things (thus doing its best to nudge from its position as "best system
utility written in an obscure language"). The crufty patch to GNUmakefile
is there because the far more obvious technique of setting the initial make
flags in the build environment actually causes GNU make to panic and die, a
definite first for me.

WARNING: This port will compile and install ghc as a necessary dependency,
something which can take almost 3 hours on a dual G5/2.0GHz machine. On
second thought, I believe this port now supercedes cvsup firmly from its
throne. Even the DECWRL Modula-3 environment doesn't take that long to
build on a G5! :-)

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