Changeset 45603 for trunk/dports/tex

Jan 18, 2009, 8:52:41 PM (11 years ago)

x11 dependent ports: Force port: based X11 dependencies

As mentioned over the past month and a half on macports-dev:

This should address the underlying problem in tickets:

This commit updates all ports explicitly depending on X11. These ports now
explicitly rely on X11 libraries in MacPorts rather than using lib: based
dependencies satisfied by X11 libraries in $x11prefix. The former policy was
devised due to the difficulty of providing such libs easily to the MacPorts
community under the old monolythic X distribution. Due to the project's
transition to the autoconf build system and modularization of the project as
well as the XQuartz projects efforts to make these new releases work on OSX,
MacPorts can now have more control over its offerings and provide users with
better consistency and stability.

Other ports that "inherited" the X11 dependency may still require a revision
bump to link against the new libs. If you find a binary or library linking
against $x11prefix/lib/lib*.dylib after 'sudo port upgrade outdated' (and
you're not using the +system_x11 variant), please report that, so we can get
it fixed.

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  • trunk/dports/tex/pTeX/Portfile

    r44486 r45603  
    55name            pTeX
    66version         20080616
     7revision        1
    78epoch           ${version}
    89categories      tex print textproc japanese
    5253depends_lib     bin:gs:ghostscript \
    5354                bin:perl:perl5 \
    54                 lib:libX11:XFree86 \
     55                port:xorg-libs \
    5556                lib:libXm:openmotif \
    5657                port:fontconfig \
    206207variant nox11 conflicts motif xaw xaw3d nextaw description {Do not use X11} {
    207     depends_lib-delete lib:libX11:XFree86 lib:libXm:openmotif port:fontconfig port:freetype port:gd2 port:jpeg port:libiconv
     208    depends_lib-delete port:xorg-libs lib:libXm:openmotif port:fontconfig port:freetype port:gd2 port:jpeg port:libiconv
    208209    # gd2 requires X11
    209210    configure.args-delete --with-system-gd --with-xdvi-x-toolkit=motif
    213214variant xaw conflicts nox11 motif xaw3d nextaw description {Use xaw} {
    214215    depends_lib-delete lib:libXm:openmotif
    215     depends_lib-append lib:libXaw:XFree86
     216    depends_lib-append port:xorg-libs
    216217    configure.args-delete --with-xdvi-x-toolkit=motif
    217218    configure.args-append --with-xdvi-x-toolkit=xaw
  • trunk/dports/tex/texlive_base/Portfile

    r43632 r45603  
    55name            texlive_base
    66version         2007
    7 revision        4
     7revision        5
    88categories      tex
    99maintainers     milosh openmaintainer
    3131depends_lib     port:freetype port:fontconfig port:ncurses port:zlib \
    3232                port:libpng port:texinfo port:texi2html port:ghostscript \
    33                 lib:libX11:XFree86 port:texlive_texmf-minimal \
     33                port:xorg-libs port:texlive_texmf-minimal \
    3434                port:texlive_texmf-full
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