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    2121  <sect1>
     22          <title>Port Maintenance Protocol</title>
     23          <para>
     24                  DarwinPorts does not enforce exclusive write access to the maintainer
     25                  of a given Port, however it is normal practice to inform the maintainer
     26                  before making any changes to a Port. Detailed procedures are described
     27                  below.   
     28          </para>
     29          <sect2>
     30                  <title>Updating Ports You Do Not Maintain</title>
     31                  <para>
     32                          If you have identified a port for which you have a
     33                          suggestion, because it is broken, insecure, out of date or
     34                          could be enhanced in some way you should:
     35                  </para>
     36                  <orderedlist numeration='arabic'>
     37                          <listitem>
     38                                  Write patch for the port that resolves the issue,
     39                                  and email maintainer or file a bug in Bugzilla. If
     40                                  you can't write a patch, file a bug and ignore the
     41                                  following steps...
     42                          </listitem>
     43                          <listitem>
     44                                  Wait for response from maintainer. You should receive
     45                                  a response within 72hrs. Once you are in a dialog with
     46                                  a maintainer, the maintainer should review and apply
     47                                  patches.
     48                          </listitem>
     49                          <listitem>
     50                                  If a response is not received within 72hrs another
     51                                  committer should  review the patches and update the port
     52                                  (this may be the person originally submitting the patches).
     53                                  If the person suggesting the changes does not have
     54                                  write-access to the repository, they should send an
     55                                  email to darwinports@opendarwin.org with a summary of the
     56                                  bug and a reference to a bugzilla bug.
     57                          </listitem>
     59                  </orderedlist>
     60                  <para>
     61                          There are several situations in which this procedure can be waived:
     62                  </para>
     64                  <orderedlist>
     65                          <listitem>
     66                                  A mass update to darwinports which touches many ports
     67                                  (usually because of a change in the darwinports
     68                                  infrastructure)
     69                          </listitem>
     70                          <listitem>
     71                                  The port is broken in a way that requires urgent action.
     72                                  This may be because the port breaks system functionality
     73                                  or the current version has a serious security problem.
     74                          </listitem>
     75                          <listitem>
     76                                  The port maintainer is not defined or is assigned to
     77                                  darwinports@opendarwin.org. Feel free to take over
     78                                  such ports!
     79                          </listitem>
     80                          <listitem>
     81                                  The port is abandoned by it's current maintainer.
     82                                  i.e. Any Port with a 'Port Abandoned' bug (explained below)
     83                                  can be updated without contacting the maintainer.
     84                          </listitem>
     85                  </orderedlist>
     86          </sect2>
     87          <sect2>
     88                  <title>Port Abandonment</title>
     89                  <para>
     90                          Abandonment is defined as when a bug has not been acknowledged
     91                          for more than 3 weeks after the bug was filed. If this occurs
     92                          a new bug should be filed in bugzilla against the port with
     93                          the subject: [Port Abandoned] and that port should reference
     94                          the ignored bug.
     95                  </para>
     96                  <para>
     97                          The Port Abandoned bug should be resolved when a new maintainer
     98                          is assigned.
     99                  </para>
     100          </sect2>
     101  </sect1>
     104  <sect1>
    22105    <title>Commiter's Category Responsibility List</title>
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