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    17431743ossp-xds 419
    17441744variants universal portdir devel/ossp-xds description {generic encoding and decoding serialization framework for ISO C} homepage epoch 0 platforms darwin name ossp-xds long_description {The OSSP xds library is generic and extensible encoding and decoding framework for the serialization of arbitrary ISO C data types.} maintainers nomaintainer categories devel version 0.9.2 revision 0
    1745 otest 597
    1746 variants universal portdir devel/otest description {Unit testing framework for Objective-C} homepage epoch 0 depends_run port:sentestingkit platforms macosx name otest long_description {OCUnit is a testing framework for Objective C in the Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server, YellowBox/Cocoa and WebObjects environments. This Objective C testing framework is a based on SUnit, Kent Beck's Smalltalk unit testing framework, also available for Java under the name JUnit, and is distributed as open source.} maintainers nomaintainer version 41 categories devel revision 0
    17471745otx 762
    17481746depends_build bin:svn:subversion portdir devel/otx description {otool's bastard son} homepage epoch 0 platforms darwin name otx maintainers eridius long_description {{otx stands for "object tool extended". otx uses otool(object tool) to disassemble a Mach-O executable file, then enhances the disassembled output. Simple enhancements include adding the machine code of each instruction and the offset of each instruction from the beginning of a function. More complicated enhancements include displaying the names and data types of Objective-C methods even if symbols have been stripped, and adding comments that describe member variables, function calls, static data and more.}} categories {devel sysutils} version 0.16b_dev revision 0
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