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    977977cableswig 2329
    978978variants {examples testing gccxml universal} depends_build {port:cmake port:gmake port:bison port:gawk} portdir devel/cableswig description {CableSwig creates interfaces to interpreted languages such as Tcl and Python.} depends_fetch bin:cvs:cvs homepage epoch 0 platforms darwin name cableswig long_description {CableSwig is used to create interfaces (i.e. wrappers) to interpreted languages such as Tcl and Python. It was created to produce wrappers for ITK because the toolkit uses C++ structures that SWIG cannot parse (deeply nested template instantiations). CableSwig is a combination tool that uses GCC_XML as the c++ parser. The input files are Cable style input files. The XML produced from the Cable/GCC_XML input files are then parsed and feed into a modified version of SWIG. SWIG is a software development tool that connects programs written in C and C++ with a variety of high-level programming languages. It is used to generate the language bindings to the target language. Currently, Tcl and Python are supported. CableSwig consists of four executables: 1) cswig - the main cable swig executable, that takes an xml file from gccxml as input. The xml file should be created from a cable config input file. This program is a modified version of the standard SWIG main. It uses CABLE libraries to parse the input XML from gccxml to create SWIG data structures describing the C++ code to be wrapped. 2) cableidx - a program to generate index files from gccxml xml files. The index files tell cswig what classes are wrapped in which libraries. This is important because swig needs to know if a class is not wrapped or wrapped in another module, and if it is wrapped which module it is wrapped in. 3) gccxml_cc1plus - A patched version of gcc that has the -fxml option to convert c++ into xml. 4) gccxml - ( the front end program to gccxml_cc1plus. CableSwig was developed to support ITK, and has not been widely used elsewhere. Not all features of SWIG are currently accessible through CableSwig. Features known to be missing are: * Wrapping of public data members in structs and classes, no accessor routines are created, the original source must provide access methods.} maintainers {dweber openmaintainer} categories devel version 20090521 revision 0
     979caml-ansicolor 393
     980portdir devel/caml-ansicolor description {OCaml bindings for ANSI colors and cursor movements} homepage epoch 0 platforms darwin name caml-ansicolor depends_lib {port:ocaml port:caml-findlib} maintainers { openmaintainer} long_description {{OCaml bindings for ANSI colors and cursor movements}} categories {devel ml} version 0.3 revision 0
    979981caml-batteries 663
    980982variants {doc universal} portdir devel/caml-batteries description {A new O'Caml standard library} homepage epoch 0 platforms darwin name caml-batteries depends_lib {port:ocaml port:caml-findlib port:caml-type-conv port:caml-sexplib port:caml-bin-prot port:caml-camomile port:caml-camlzip port:caml-ocamlnet port:caml-ounit} long_description {OCaml Batteries included (or simply Batteries) is a community-driven effort to standardize on an consistent, documented, and comprehensive development platform for the OCaml programming language.} maintainers {erickt openmaintainer} categories {devel ml} version 20090405 revision 0
    995997caml-heredoc 582
    996998portdir devel/caml-heredoc description {Heredoc: syntactic sugar for text producing applications} homepage epoch 0 platforms darwin name caml-heredoc depends_lib {bin:camlp4:ocaml bin:ocamlfind:caml-findlib} maintainers eridius long_description {Without any doubt, OCaml is a great langage for Web publishing. I used it for a long time to produce my static web pages and more recently to write some CGI scripts. HereDoc is an attempt to provide syntactic sugar for such applications.} categories {devel ml} version 20060107 revision 0
     999caml-json-static 555
     1000portdir devel/caml-json-static description {JSON validator and type converter for OCaml} homepage epoch 0 platforms darwin name caml-json-static depends_lib {port:ocaml port:caml-findlib port:caml-json-wheel} maintainers long_description {This library converts parsed JSON data with an unchecked structure into specialized OCaml types and vice-versa. It is a complement to the caml-json-wheel package which provides a parser and pretty-printer.} categories {devel ml} version 0.9.6 revision 0
    9971001caml-json-wheel 506
    9981002portdir devel/caml-json-wheel description {JSON parsing library for OCaml} homepage epoch 0 platforms darwin name caml-json-wheel depends_lib {port:ocaml port:caml-findlib port:caml-ocamlnet} maintainers long_description {Implements RFC4627 for parsing the JSON interchange format. Uses key/value pairs to represent objects, and lists to represent JSON arrays. Also provides pretty-print support.} categories {devel ml} version 1.0.6 revision 0
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