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    r54013 r54015  
    55975597rancid 483
    55985598variants {darwin_7 darwin_6 universal} portdir net/rancid description {Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ} homepage http://www.shrubbery.net/rancid epoch 0 platforms darwin name rancid depends_lib {path:bin/perl:perl5 port:openssl port:p5-lockfile-simple} long_description {Rancid maintains a CVS repository of router and device config files. It emails you when changes occur and tells you what commands were changed.} maintainers markd categories net version 2.3.2a9 revision 0
     5599rbldnsd 826
     5600variants universal portdir net/rbldnsd description {rbldnsd is a small and fast DNS daemon which is especially made to serve DNSBL zone} homepage http://www.corpit.ru/mjt/rbldnsd.html epoch 0 platforms darwin name rbldnsd depends_lib port:zlib long_description {The daemon can serve both IP-based (ordb.org, dsbl.org etc) and name-based (rfc-ignorant.org) blocklists. Unlike DJB's rbldns, it has ability to specify individual values for every entry, can serve as many zones on a single IP address as you wish, and, finally, it is a real nameserver: it can reply to DNS metadata requests. The daemon keeps all zones in memory for faster operations, but its memory usage is very efficient, especially for repeated TXT values which are stored only once.} maintainers hostwizard.com:scott categories net version 0.996b revision 0
    55995601rdesktop 836
    56005602variants w2k_license_hack depends_build {port:autoconf port:automake port:pkgconfig port:autoconf port:automake port:libtool} portdir net/rdesktop description {Windows Terminal Server Client} homepage http://rdesktop.sourceforge.net/ epoch 0 platforms {darwin freebsd} depends_lib {port:xorg-libX11 port:openssl port:libiconv port:libao} name rdesktop long_description {rdesktop is an RDP client to access Microsoft Terminal Server based services. The variant called w2k-license-hack is a backported patch from an rdesktop 1.1 patchset which wasn't integrated into the latest version -- it will announce the client as Windows 2000 machine causing the Terminal Server to provide a license for free. Please argue over this with your own conscience.} maintainers {gmail.com:cshbell noses.com:noses} categories net version 1.6.0 revision 2
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