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    r49688 r54395  
    77Release 1.8.0 (unreleased):
     8    - There is now a 'build_arch' variable, available in portfiles and
     9      configurable in macports.conf, which sets the CPU architecture that
     10      ports should be compiled for (when not building universal). Its default
     11      is the same as that of the Apple-supplied /usr/bin/gcc.
     12      (#19874, jmr in r53217,r53386,r53420,r53494,r53860,r54236)
     14    - MacPorts base now works on and has appropriate default settings for
     15      Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. (#19874, toby/mww/jkh in r38271,r40060,
     16      r40836,r43976,r52397)
     18    - The universal_sysroot and universal_target keys have been removed from
     19      macports.conf. These settings are now handled automatically.
     20      (toby in r52324)
     22    - Added a 'replaced_by' portfile option. This causes upgrade to deactivate
     23      the current port and install the port specified by this option. This
     24      also allows ports to be renamed. Upgrade accepts a --no-replace option
     25      which disables this behaviour. (#20157, jmr in r54378)
     27    - The upgrade target now accepts --force and --enforce-variants options.
     28      The former causes ports to be rebuilt even if they are not outdated, and
     29      the global -f option no longer has this effect (it had too many effects
     30      already). The latter causes ports to be rebuilt if the requested
     31      variants do not match those installed (even if they are not outdated).
     32      (#20156, jmr in r54376)
     34    - Dependencies can be satisfied by ports that are installed but not
     35      available in the ports tree (useful for testing uncommitted ports).
     36      (jmr in r52075, r52160)
     38    - Ports that are installed but not available in the ports tree no longer
     39      cause an error when running commands like 'port clean installed'. They
     40      are skipped and a warning is printed. (#19253, jmr in r50865)
     42    - Selfupdate no longer disables readline support unless readline is found
     43      in /usr/local, which has historically caused failures.
     44      (#19035, jmr in r50868)
     46    - Uninstalling a port that is not installed now produces an informational
     47      message rather than an error. (#18984, jmr in r53709)
     49    - Added a 'conflicts' portfile option. Conflicting ports will be detected
     50      during dependency calculation. (#18794, blb/jmr in r51525)
     52    - 'port selfupdate' now explicitly states precisely what it does. (#18512)
     54    - Operating system and architecture information is now shown in debug
     55      output. (#18435, raimue in r46669)
     57    - Fixed a bug that could break some symlinks to man pages. (#18302)
     59    - Switched to a more efficient algorithm for looking up port information
     60      in the index, which makes many operations faster.
     61      (#18259, jmr/blb in r47110)
     63    - MacPorts base now tries to avoid using commands that come from ports, so
     64      that a broken port can't break the base code. (#18149)
     66    - Deleting all the contents of a portfile option no longer unsets the
     67      option entirely. (#17865, toby in r44901)
     69    - Removed the code that upgrades from the old DarwinPorts filesystem
     70      layout. Trying to upgrade to 1.8.0+ from a version older than 1.5.0 will
     71      produce an error message saying you need to install 1.7.1 first.
     72      (#17619, jmr in r53260)
     74    - port(1) now reports its version as dotted-decimal rather than floating
     75      point. (#17420)
     77    - Dependencies are now always obtained by parsing the Portfile and not
     78      from the PortIndex, since the latter can't provide expanded variables
     79      like $prefix which may be used in path: depspecs. (#17182)
     81    - Newline characters in long_description can no longer cause receipt
     82      corruption. (#16619, blb in r50663)
     84    - Now unlocking the filemap when it is not in use. This allows e.g.
     85      'port contents' to be run while another port instance is performing
     86      installs. Note that running more than one simultaneous port instance
     87      that will modify the registry can easily fail, though hopefully
     88      without corrupting anything. (#16246, jmr in r51133)
     90    - Removed some irrelevant debug output that was being printed when a port
     91      failed. (#16203, jmr in r53706)
     93    - Added new depends_fetch and depends_extract options, for dependencies
     94      that are needed to fetch or extract the port, respectively.
     95      (#15161, jmr in r51780)
     97    - Packages (including the one for MacPorts base) now correctly indicate
     98      that they can only be installed on the root volume.
     99      (#14809, jmr in r53250)
     101    - Using an alternative fetch or extract type now adds appropriate
     102      dependencies automatically, e.g. 'use_zip yes' adds a dep on unzip, and
     103      'fetch.type svn' adds a dep on subversion. (#13981, jmr in r43782)
     105    - port(1) should now exit with an appropriate status code when an error is
     106      encountered. Use the -p option to continue despite errors.
     107      (#13918, jmr in r53704)
     109    - Proxy information can now be obtained from System Preferences and from
     110      macports.conf. The older method using environment variables no longer
     111      works out of the box on Leopard due to changes that Apple made to the
     112      default /etc/sudoers. (#13158, blb in r47194)
     114    - Improved handling of malformed variant definitions.
     115      (#12596, jmr in r50719, r50721)
     117    - Cope a little better with missing receipt files. (#19540, jmr in r51138)
     119    - Fixed a major memory leak in the filemap code.
     120      (#12022, pguyot in r51419)
     122    - Improved the logic for determining whether phases can be skipped. This
     123      fixes the specific problems of being unable to build packages of ports
     124      that are installed, port not running specific phases (e.g. build)
     125      when told to if the port is installed, and inactive dependencies being
     126      rebuilt instead of simply activated. (#10881, #16260, jmr in r50490)
     128    - When archive mode is enabled, ports will no longer be rebuilt if an
     129      archive is available. (#10785, jmr in r50416)
     131    - Activating a port will now first deactivate any other version of the
     132      same port that is already active. (#10571, jmr in r53711)
     134    - Added a 'license' portfile option, which is displayed in 'port info'
     135      output. (#7493, jmr in r50801)
    8137    - port lint recognizes new top-level category php (#19329, ryandesign)
    10139    - Do not print header lines when the quiet option -q is set
    11     (r48558, raimue)
    13     - svn.tag is deprecated, use svn.revision instead (r48222-48223, raimue)
    15     - port -i option has been removed (r48218, blb)
    17     - ui_warn logs to stderr instead of stdout (r48217, raimue)
     140      (raimue in r48558)
     142    - svn.tag is deprecated, use svn.revision instead (raimue in r48222-48223)
     144    - port -i option has been removed (blb in r48218)
     146    - ui_warn logs to stderr instead of stdout (raimue in r48217)
    19148    - Remove --pretend option for port selfupdate, use global dry-run option
    20       instead (r48125, raimue)
    22     - port(1) option -y for dry-run (#11892, gwhitney)
     149      instead (raimue in r48125)
     151    - port(1) option -y for dry-run (#11892, gwhitney/jmr in r43726)
    24153    - New pseudo-port 'obsolete' to identify ports which are installed but no
    25       longer in the PortIndex (r47253, raimue)
    27     - MacPorts now performs fetch, extract, patch, configure and build in a
     154      longer in the PortIndex (raimue in r47253)
     156    - MacPorts can now perform fetch, extract, patch, configure and build in a
    28157      user rather than system owned location. By default, this is
    29158      ~/.macports/opt. This allows MacPorts to do all but the install of the
    30159      port without root privileges. (gsoc08-privileges)
    32     - MacPorts now automatically drops privileges whenever possible so as to
    33       avoid running as root whenever possible. (gsoc08-privileges)
    35     - MacPorts will prompt for the root password if you attempt to install a
    36       port into the /opt/local hierarchy and did not start MacPorts with sudo.
    37       It will not do so however until the install stage. The fetch, extract,
    38       patch, configure and build will proceed first under the privileges
    39       MacPorts is started with. (gsoc08-privileges)
     161    - MacPorts can now automatically drop privileges so as to avoid running as
     162      root whenever possible. To enable this, pass the desired user to run as
     163      to configure with the --with-macports-user option. (gsoc08-privileges)
    41165    - The Portfile format has a number of new boolean attributes to indicate
    72196      specified in variants.conf; collapse port deps to be an alias
    73197      for port info with appropriate flags. Note this changes output
    74       format of port deps somewhat.  (#11891, gwhitney)
     198      format of port deps somewhat.  (#11891, gwhitney in r44340)
    76200    - Make dependencies in port upgrade respect variants as specified
    77201      (in order of precedence) on command line, latest installed
    78       version, or variants.conf .  (#8221, gwhitney)
     202      version, or variants.conf .  (#8221, gwhitney in r44362)
    80204    - Add select action, which integrates *_select tools into port.
    86210    - Implicit variants (e.g., darwin) can no longer be explicitly
    87       set/unset. (#12563, perry)
     211      set/unset. (#12563, perry in r46938, jmr in r53371)
    89213Release 1.7.1 (2009-03-28 by raimue):
     214    - Trailing slashes are stripped from the prefix passed to configure, which
     215      prevents incorrect mtree violation warnings. (#13789)
    90217    - Fix freshmeat-based livecheck (#18887)
    318445    - readline is now disabled by default, in order to avoid support issues.
    319446      use --enable-readine parameter to configure to enable support for readine.
    320       (jberry r31139, r31140).
     447      (#10651, jberry in r31139, r31140).
    322449    - daemondo now monitors kevents for the death of the daemon process, which means that it
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