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     1== Overview of changes from MacPorts 1.7.1 to 1.8.0 ==
     3# For regular users:
     5*) Compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, requires at least 10.4 Tiger
     6*) CPU architecture to build for is now configurable
     7*) Performance and memory usage improvements
     8*) New -y option for dry-run
     9*) 'port search' has many new options that make it more flexible
     10*) 'port upgrade' now follows the right dependencies when variants change them
     11*) 'port info' and 'port variants' indicate selected and default variants;
     12   'port variants' also shows conflicts and dependencies between variants
     13*) A port can be marked as being replaced by another port; upgrading will
     14   perform the replacement
     15*) upgrade accepts new options: --force, --enforce-variants, --no-replace
     16*) Ports can be marked as conflicting, and conflicts will be detected before
     17   the install process starts
     18*) Proxy information can now be obtained from System Preferences and from
     19   macports.conf
     20*) Activating a port will now first deactivate any other version of the same
     21   port that is already active
     22*) MacPorts can be configured to drop root privileges when not needed
     23*) port(1) will exit with an appropriate status code when an error is
     24   encountered (use -p to continue despite errors)
     26# For Portfile writers:
     28*) New options: replaced_by, conflicts, depends_fetch, depends_extract, license
     29*) build_arch variable indicates which architecture should be targeted. Flags
     30   used to implement this are configured per-compiler, for example,
     31   configure.cc_archflags will be passed to in CFLAGS
     32*) Dependencies can be satisfied by ports that are installed but not
     33   available in the ports tree
     34*) Deleting all the contents of an option no longer unsets the option entirely
     35*) Using an alternative fetch or extract type now adds appropriate
     36   dependencies automatically, e.g. 'use_zip yes' adds a dep on unzip, and
     37   'fetch.type svn' adds a dep on subversion
     38*) Running phases prior to install should now work reliably when the port is
     39   already installed
    241== Overview of changes from MacPorts 1.6.0 to 1.7.0 ==
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