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  • branches/gsoc09-logging/base/doc/macports.conf.5

    r55416 r59527  
    5656.Ic Default:
    58 .It Va x11prefix
    59 Path containing an X11 installation on your system.
    60 .br
    61 .Ic Default:
    62 /usr/X11R6
    6358.It Va portdbpath
    6459Directory where MacPorts keeps working data as downloaded sources, installed ports receipts
    6964.It Va portdbformat
    70 Storage type to use for the MacPorts registry. Currently the only supportted format is "flat".
     65Storage type to use for the MacPorts registry. Currently the only supported format is "flat".
    7267.Ic Default:
    7570Sets the mode in which ports are installed by MacPorts. Supported values are 'direct' or 'image'.
    7671The 'direct' mode is often used on systems that do not support 'image' due to limitations in their
    77 installed version of TCL. In 'direct' mode ports are installed directly into '${prefix}' and only
     72installed version of Tcl. In 'direct' mode ports are installed directly into '${prefix}' and only
    7873one flavor of a port can be installed at any given time. In 'image' mode multiple flavors of a port
    7974(i.e., different versions and/or any possible combination of its variants) can be installed concurrently
    8378.Ic Default:
    85 .\" I think Paul wrote code to suppot image on Jaguar, so the following comment may no longer be needed.
    86 .\" is this the case?
    87 .Pp
    88 NOTE. Mac OS X 10.2 and Darwin 6.x users should switch to 'direct' mode to have MacPorts working properly
    89 on their systems.
    9080.It Va applications_dir
    9181Directory containing Applications installed from ports.
    10292MacPorts rsync server (through the "sync" target of the
    10393.Nm port
    104 commnand) and any other local tree(s) you might have.
     94command) and any other local tree(s) you might have.
    10696.Ic Default:
    167157.Ic Default:
     159.It Va build_arch
     160The machine architecture to try to build for in normal use
     162Regular architectures include: ppc, i386, ppc64, x86_64
     164.Ic Default (10.6):
     165x86_64 or i386 depending on hardware
     167.Ic Default (10.5 and earlier):
     168i386 or ppc depending on hardware
    169169.It Va universal_archs
    170170The machine architectures to use for +universal variant
    173173Regular architectures include: ppc, i386, ppc64, x86_64
    175 .Ic Default:
     175.Ic Default (10.6):
    176176x86_64 i386
    194194.Nm port
    195195command to update your entire MacPorts
    196 installation (spanning both the MacPorts infrastucture and the ports tree).
     196installation (spanning both the MacPorts infrastructure and the ports tree).
    198198.Ic Default:
    214214.Ic Default:
    215 ${prefix}/bin:${prefix}/sbin:/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:${x11prefix}/bin
    216216.It Va extra_env
    217217List of extra environment variables MacPorts should keep in the user's environment when sanitizing it.
  • branches/gsoc09-logging/base/doc/macports.conf.in

    r55416 r59527  
    5959#build_arch                     i386
     61# CPU architectures to use for Universal Binaries (+universal variant)
     62universal_archs         @UNIVERSAL_ARCHS@
    6164# Use ccache (C/C++ compiler cache) - see http://ccache.samba.org/
    6265configureccache         no
    7376# Number of simultaneous make jobs (commands) to use when building ports. This
    7477# value may be set to 0 so the number of simultaneous make jobs will be set to
    75 # the number of CPU cores that are automatically detected.
     78# the number of CPU cores that are automatically detected, or the number of GB
     79# of physical memory plus one, whichever is less.
    7680#buildmakejobs          0
    96100# Rsync options
    97101rsync_options           -rtzv --delete-after
    99 # Options for Universal Binaries (+universal variant)
    101 # machine architectures
    102 universal_archs         @UNIVERSAL_ARCHS@
    104103# Options for generated startup items
    125124# Also note, on 10.5, sudo will clear many environment variables including
    126125# those for proxy support.
    127 # Equivalent envioronment variables: http_proxy, HTTPS_PROXY, FTP_PROXY,
     126# Equivalent environment variables: http_proxy, HTTPS_PROXY, FTP_PROXY,
  • branches/gsoc09-logging/base/doc/port.1

    r55416 r59527  
    3737.Sh SYNOPSIS
    39 .Op Fl vdqfonRusbckixpyt
     39.Op Fl bcdfknopqRstuvy
    4040.Op Fl D Ar portdir
    4141.Op Fl F Ar cmdfile
    234234.Ar file
    235235of commands specified by the argument. If the argument is '-', then read commands from stdin. If the option is given multiple times, then multiple files will be read.
    236 .It Fl x
    237 In batch and interactive mode, exit on the first error encountered. Otherwise, errors during batch execution are simply reported.
    238236.It Fl p
    239237Despite any errors encountered, proceed to process multiple ports and commands.
    367365To force an upgrade (rebuild) use:
    369 .Dl "port -f upgrade vim"
     367.Dl "port upgrade --force vim"
    371369To upgrade
    382380finally the global variants specified in variants.conf, if any.  Note that
    383381upgrade will not normally rebuild a port only to change the selected
    384 variants; you can either specify -f, or deactivate the port and reinstall it
     382variants; you can either specify --enforce-variants, or deactivate the port and reinstall it
    385383with different variants.
    386384.Ss clean
    481479.Ss unload
    482480A shortcut to launchctl, like load, but unloads the daemon.
    483 .Ss platform
    484 Prints out the current platform information for the running system.
    485481.Ss gohome
    486482Loads the home page for the given
  • branches/gsoc09-logging/base/doc/portfile.7

    r55416 r59527  
    251251        rmd160 941cf8f2ef8459ec4f9ce65772e134505d46566
     253.It Ic macosx_deployment_target
     254Value for MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET environment variable when invoking the configure script.
     256.Sy Type:
     257.Em optional
     259.Sy Default:
     260.Em (current OS version)
     262.Sy Example:
     263.Dl macosx_deployment_target 10.4
    253264.It Ic use_parallel_build
    254265If set to yes (and the user has enabled buildmakejobs in
    315326.Sy Example:
    316327.Dl copy_log_files config.log
     328.It Ic conflicts
     329Used to list ports which conflict with the one containing the
     330.Cm conflicts
     333.Sy Type:
     334.Em optional
     336.Sy Default:
     337.Em none (empty)
     339.Sy Example:
     340.Dl conflicts cdrtools
     341.It Ic replaced_by
     342When a particular port is deprecated in favor of another, use
     343.Cm replaced_by
     344in the deprecated port and list the new one to be used.
     346.Sy Type:
     347.Em optional
     349.Sy Default:
     350.Em none (empty)
     352.Sy Example:
     353.Dl replaced_by xorg-renderproto
    318355.Sh TARGET HOOKS
    439476.Em ${sysportpath}/distfiles/${dist_subdir}/
    440477.It Ic os.arch
    441 Identifies hardware type (eg "powerpc").
     478Identifies hardware type (e.g. "powerpc").
    443480.Sy Type:
    444481.Em read-only
    445482.It Ic os.version
    446 Version number of operating system (eg "7.0").
     483Version number of operating system (e.g. "7.0").
    448485.Sy Type:
    449486.Em read-only
    450487.It Ic os.endian
    451 Endianness of the processor (eg "bigEndian").
     488Endianness of the processor (e.g. "bigEndian").
    453490.Sy Type:
    454491.Em read-only
    455492.It Ic os.platform
    456 Operating system name (eg "darwin").
     493Operating system name (e.g. "darwin").
    458495.Sy Type:
    459496.Em read-only
    460497.It Ic install.user
    461 User for MacPorts installation (eg
     498User for MacPorts installation (e.g.
    462499.Pa root )
    465502.Em read-only
    466503.It Ic install.group
    467 Group for MacPorts installation (eg
     504Group for MacPorts installation (e.g.
    468505.Pa wheel )
    674711.Sy Example:
    675712.Dl use_lzma yes
     713.It Ic use_xz
     714Use xz.
     716Sets extract.suffix to: .xz
     718Sets extract.cmd to: xz
     720.Sy Type:
     721.Em optional
     723.Sy Example:
     724.Dl use_xz yes
    676725.It Ic use_7z
    677726Use 7z (7zip).
    892941MacPorts provide special support for configure flags (CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, CXXFLAGS, CC, CXX, CPP, FC, F77, F90). Please note that the previous way to alter these flags (using configure.env) may become deprecated at some point. The following options are defined:
    893942.Bl -tag -width lc
     943.It Ic configure.optflags
     944Flags to use for optimization.
     946.Sy Type:
     947.Em optional
     949.Sy Default:
     950.Em -O2
     952.Sy Example:
     953.Dl configure.optflags -O3
    894954.It Ic configure.cflags
    895955Flags to put in the CFLAGS environment variable when invoking the configure script.
    900960.Sy Default:
    901 .Em -O2
     961.Em ${configure.optflags}
    903963.Sy Example:
    919979.Sy Default:
    920 .Em -O2
     980.Em ${configure.optflags}
    921981.It Ic configure.objcflags
    922982Flags to put in the OBJCFLAGS environment variable when invoking the configure script.
    927987.Sy Default:
    928 .Em -O2
     988.Em ${configure.optflags}
    929989.It Ic configure.ldflags
    930990Flags to put in the LDFLAGS environment variable when invoking the configure script.
    9431003.Sy Default:
    944 .Em -O2
     1004.Em ${configure.optflags}
    9451005.It Ic configure.f90flags
    9461006Flags to put in the F90FLAGS environment variable when invoking the configure script.
    9511011.Sy Default:
    952 .Em -O2
     1012.Em ${configure.optflags}
    9531013.It Ic configure.fcflags
    9541014Flags to put in the FCFLAGS environment variable when invoking the configure script.
    9591019.Sy Default:
    960 .Em -O2
     1020.Em ${configure.optflags}
    9611021.It Ic configure.classpath
    9621022Flags to put in the CLASSPATH environment variable when invoking the configure script.
    9641024.Sy Type:
    9651025.Em optional
    966 .It Ic configure.macosx_deployment_target
    967 Flags to put in the MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET environment variable when invoking the configure script.
    968 .br
    969 .Sy Type:
    970 .Em optional
    971 .br
    972 .Sy Example:
    973 .Dl configure.macosx_deployment_target 10.4
    9741026.It Ic configure.cc
    9751027C-compiler to put in the CC environment variable when invoking the configure script.
    19562008strcmp(), returning -1, 0, or 1 when versionA is earlier, equal to, or
    19572009later than versionB, respectively.  Note that some comparisions featuring
    1958 floating-point notation may compare incorrectly, eg, 2.101 is considered
     2010floating-point notation may compare incorrectly, e.g. 2.101 is considered
    19592011later than 2.2 (101 is larger than 2) which may be incorrect per some
    19602012projects versioning methods (see ticket #11873).
  • branches/gsoc09-logging/base/doc/portstyle.7

    r26177 r59527  
    2828.Sh NAME
    2929.Nm portstyle
    30 .Nd style guide for ports their associated files
     30.Nd style guide for ports
    3232A port consists of a directory and its contents, within a category subdirectory
  • branches/gsoc09-logging/base/doc/prefix.mtree.in

    r51216 r59527  
    1313    ..
    1414    lib
     15        pkgconfig
     16        ..
    1517    ..
    1618    libexec
    240242    var
    241243        macports
     244            build
     245            ..
    242246            distfiles
    243247            ..
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