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    343343    <title>Uninstall</title>
    345     <para>To uninstall MacPorts from the default location
    346     <filename>/opt/local/</filename>, perform this command from a terminal
    347     window.</para>
     345    <para>Uninstalling MacPorts can be a drastic step, and depending on the
     346    issue you are experiencing, you may not need to do so. If you are unsure,
     347    ask on the
     348    <ulink url="">macports-users</ulink>
     349    mailing list first.</para>
     351    <para>If you need to uninstall MacPorts, and your <command>port</command> command is
     352    functioning, first uninstall all the installed ports by running this
     353    command in the Terminal:</para>
     354    <programlisting><prompt>%%</prompt> <userinput>sudo port -f uninstall installed</userinput></programlisting>
     356    <para>All that will be left in your installation prefix now will be files
     357    that were not registered to any port. This includes configuration
     358    files, databases, any files which MacPorts
     359    renamed in order to allow a forced installation or upgrade, and the base
     360    MacPorts software itself. You may wish to save your configuration files
     361    (most are in <filename>${prefix}/etc</filename>), databases, or any other
     362    unique data by moving it aside.</para>
     364    <para>To remove all remaining traces of MacPorts, run the following
     365    command in the Terminal. If you have changed <varname>prefix</varname>,
     366    <varname>applications_dir</varname> or <varname>frameworks_dir</varname>
     367    from their default values, then replace <filename>/opt/local</filename>
     368    with your <varname>prefix</varname>, replace <filename>/Applications/MacPorts</filename>
     369    with your <varname>applications_dir</varname>, and/or add your
     370    <varname>frameworks_dir</varname> to the list, respectively.</para>
    349371    <programlisting><prompt>%%</prompt> <userinput>sudo rm -rf \
    350372    /opt/local \
    359381    ~/.macports</userinput></programlisting>
    360382  </section>
     384  <para>If you use a shell other than bash (perhaps tcsh), you may need to
     385  adjust the above to fit your shell's syntax. Also note that depending on which
     386  version of MacPorts you have and which ports you have installed, not all of
     387  the above paths will exist on your system. This is OK.</para>
    362389  <section id="">
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