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    r66840 r67211  
    66Release 1.9.0 (unreleased):
     8    - Using a Portfile with a modification date in the future now causes an
     9      informative error early on, instead of just discarding the workdir at
     10      the start of every phase. (#24717, raimue in r65246)
     12    - Fetching from servers that require a cookie to be set now works.
     13      (#24584, raimue in r66785)
     15    - Fixed an error when everything is deleted from the patchfiles list.
     16      (#24178, raimue in r65243)
     18    - Added 'license:' pseudo-port selector. (#24123, perry in r65033)
     20    - Added new fetch.type 'bzr'. (#23436, perry in r65096)
     22    - Added 'rdeps' and 'rdependents' actions, recursive versions of 'deps'
     23      and 'dependents' respectively. Also added 'depof:', 'rdepof:',
     24      'dependentof:' and 'rdependentof:' pseudo-port selectors, for specifying
     25      the ports that are dependencies or dependents of the given port.
     26      (#22346, jmr in r65858/r66198)
     28    - Updated the description of the search action in the port(1) man page.
     29      (#23749, jmr in r66670)
     31    - Dry-run now uses /dev/null as the statefile, which prevents a couple of
     32      problems involving locking and variant checks.
     33      (#21794, #21962; jmr in r66921)
     35    - The list of dependencies to be installed is now displayed immediately
     36      after computing them. (#21540, jmr in r66321)
     38    - The quick index is now reloaded after syncing in interactive mode, which
     39      prevents errors due to it not matching the updated PortIndex.
     40      (#20874, jmr in r66319, refinement of patch from
     42    - The architectures of dependencies are checked when installing a port. If
     43      a dependency does not provide the required arch(s), it is rebuilt with
     44      +universal if that is possible and will help, otherwise the install fails
     45      and an error message explains why. (#20728, jmr in r65087)
     47    - New supported_archs option allows ports to indicate which architectures
     48      they can be built for. The default values of configure.build_arch and
     49      configure.universal_archs change based on this list. Set this to
     50      'noarch' if a port installs only architecture-independent files.
     51      (#20739, jmr in r64372/r64945)
     53    - Declaring a variant that requires one or more other variants will now
     54      correctly set the required variants, so they can be checked with
     55      variant_isset. (#19224, jmr in r66642)
     57    - 'port outdated' now indicates the reason why a port that appears to have
     58      the same version as that in the tree is considered outdated. Possible
     59      reasons are that the epoch is higher, or the installed version was built
     60      on a different OS version. (#19138, jmr in r64960)
     62    - Distfile names are now percent-escaped in the download URLs when needed.
     63      (#18736, jmr in r66794)
     65    - buildnicevalue is now applied to configure and destroot commands, and to
     66      build commands with unusual names. (#18304, raimue in r65076/r65808)
     68    - Removed hardcoded /opt/local prefix from the base dmg resources.
     69      (#17633, jmr in r66776)
     71    - Fixed an error that occurred when archive mode was enabled but
     72      ${prefix}/var/macports/packages did not exist. (#17579, jmr in r66775)
     74    - Syncing rsync sources now tries to get a platform-specific version of
     75      the PortIndex from the server, and skips this if the local copy is less
     76      than a day old. All sync methods now update the PortIndex at the end.
     77      (#17157, jmr in r66846/r67207)
     79    - portindex(1) now skips parsing Portfiles whose modification time is
     80      older than the current PortIndex, instead reusing the existing entry.
     81      (#16235, jmr in r66845)
     83    - Added a 'requested' flag to the registry that indicates which ports were
     84      installed explicitly (as opposed to as a dependency of something else).
     85      This enables the new 'requested', 'unrequested' and 'leaves' pseudo-
     86      ports, as well as the --follow-dependencies option for uninstall.
     87      (#15260, jmr in r64517, r64663, r65546, r66037, r66200, r66215)
     89    - The macports1.0 directory is now installed to
     90      ${prefix}/share/macports/Tcl rather than /Library/Tcl. A symlink will be
     91      installed in the old location if there is nothing there already, so
     92      'package require macports' will still work in tclsh.
     93      (#12943, jmr in r65055)
     95    - Added warning and error messags when Xcode is old enough to cause
     96      problems or too old to use at all, respectively. (#12794, jmr in r66771)
     98    - Removed the rather outdated copy of sqlite3 from the source tree, made
     99      the sqlite3 directory configurable, and added defaults for non-darwin
     100      platforms. (#12231, jmr in r64358/r64363)
     102    - There is a new 'archivefetch' target which is run before unarchive when
     103      archive mode is enabled, and attempts to download the archive from a
     104      server. There are currently no sites configured to download from (these
     105      are stored in the ports tree like the mirror sites used for fetch), but
     106      you can set ARCHIVE_SITE_LOCAL in the environment. Note that there is no
     107      integrity checking for archives yet. (#8571, jmr in r64816)
     109    - Now recording negative variants in the registry, which stops deselected
     110      variants from being reactivated on upgrade due to default_variants or
     111      variants.conf settings. (#2377, jmr in r64533)
     113    - Added support for pre- and post- procedures for the activate, deactivate
     114      and uninstall targets. This feature requires portdbformat sqlite. There
     115      was limited support for pre- and post-activate previously, but the
     116      procedures were only run when installing the port, not when activating
     117      an inactive version. (#1068, #4228, #18273; jmr in r64638/r64639)
     119    - Integrated the sqlite-based registry2.0 code. The portdbformat variable
     120      in macports.conf can be set to 'sqlite' to enable it. Existing flat
     121      receipts will be converted the first time port(1) is run with sufficient
     122      privileges. Original code by sfiera, fixed and integrated by jmr in
     123      r63398 and following. The new format lacks a number of problems that the
     124      old one suffers from, including #13054 (dependencies from old port
     125      versions stick around across upgrades) and #14123 (files whose paths
     126      differ only in case are left behind when uninstalling).
     128    - Fixed file list in +CONTENTS file in archives. (#21864, jmr in r59882)
     130    - Fixed a few issues reported with building MacPorts on Linux. (#22716)
     132    - Upgrade will now always choose the port that is active when following
     133      dependencies that could be satisfied by more than one port and more than
     134      one of these is installed, instead of choosing the one actually named in
     135      the depspec. (#23921, jmr in r60883)
     137    - Extracting from a disk image ("use_dmg yes") no longer fails when there
     138      is a space in $worksrcdir. (#23456, raimue in r67089)
     140    - Added a configure.sdkroot option which can be used to build against a
     141      Mac OS X SDK. It is empty by default unless the value of
     142      macosx_deployment_target is not the current OS version, or the universal
     143      variant is set and the current platform is PowerPC Tiger. It is also
     144      possible to set macosx_deployment_target globally in macports.conf now,
     145      but this is unsupported. (#19875, jmr in r66924)
    8147    - Add "fs-traverse -tails" which only returns the part following the
    9       specified directory (raimue in r65785)
     148      specified directory (#21873, raimue in r65785)
    11150    - Allow gcc45 port to be used in configure.compiler (ryandesign in r62223)
    27166      (afb in r58020)
    29     - Update the FreeBSD package, drop the old Fedora/Ubuntu packages.
    30       (MacPorts now requires BSD, but objc/Foundation is now optional)
    31       (afb in r57858, r57889)
     168    - Updated the FreeBSD package (ObjC/Foundation is now optional).
     169      (afb in r57889)
    33171    - Don't use "make -j1" for, but prefer "make" instead.
    37175      (afb in r57827)
    39     - Archivemode now uses build_arch to create and extract archives.
    40       This is a step in the direction of enabling binary distribution.
     177    - Archive mode now uses build_arch in archive names rather than os.arch.
    41178      (snc in r58977)
    43180    - Add new log command and keeping of debug output for easy access
    44181      after port has run (GSoC 2009 logging project by enl, merged in r60372)
    46 Release 1.8.3 (unreleased):
    48183    - Some of the build_arch flags now appear in LDFLAGS as well, fixing
    52187    - Fixed 'merge' proc for paths with spaces, and for symlinks on Snow
    53188      Leopard, and added an error message for when 'merge' is not called
    54       correctly (ryandesign in r58776, r58777, r58778)
     189      correctly (#21852, ryandesign in r58776, r58777, r58778)
    56191Release 1.8.2 (2010-01-01 by jmr):
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