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     1== Overview of changes from MacPorts 1.8.2 to 1.9.0 ==
     3# For regular users:
     5*) All output is now logged to a file, whose location will be shown if a port
     6   target fails. This should be attached to bug reports. The new 'log' action
     7   can also be used to view the log for a port.
     8*) Command line options can be abbreviated if unambigious.
     9*) New actions: rdeps, rdependents, setrequested, unsetrequested
     10*) --follow-dependencies option for uninstall (ports with the requested flag
     11   set or with other dependents are skipped).
     12*) New pseudo-ports and selectors: requested, unrequested, leaves, depof:,
     13   rdepof:, dependentof:, rdependentof:.
     14*) Architectures of dependencies are checked before install, and in many cases
     15   will be automatically fixed by upgrading with +universal.
     16*) New sqlite registry format which is faster and lacks some of the old
     17   format's inconvenient limitations.
     18*) Explicitly deselected variants (e.g. -foo) are now recorded, so they will
     19   not be set to + when upgrading if +foo appears in variants.conf or
     20   the port's default_variants.
     22# For Portfile writers:
     24*) New os.subplatform variable.
     25*) New configure.ld_archflags option to match configure.cc_archflags et al.
     26*) 'platform' acts like an 'if' statement rather than a variant.
     27*) New supported_archs option for indicating a port only supports certain
     28   archs or is noarch.
     29*) pre-/post-deactivate and pre-/post-uninstall procedures can now be used,
     30   and pre-/post-activate procedures are run every time the port is activated,
     31   not just the first time when it is installed.
    133== Overview of changes from MacPorts 1.7.1 to 1.8.0 ==
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