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    r79672 r88412  
    493493variants; you can either specify --enforce-variants, or deactivate the port and reinstall it
    494494with different variants.
     496After the upgrade MacPorts will automatically run \fBrev-upgrade\fP to check for
     497broken ports that need to be rebuilt. If there are known problems with
     498\fBrev-upgrade\fP or other reasons why you would want to avoid running this
     499step, you can disable it by running \fBport upgrade\fP with the
     500\fB--no-rev-upgrade\fP switch:
     502.Dl "port upgrade --no-rev-upgrade outdated"
     503.Ss rev-upgrade
     504Manually check for broken binaries and rebuild ports containing broken binaries.
     505\fBrev-upgrade\fP is usually automatically run after each upgrade, unless you
     506specify the \fB--no-rev-upgrade\fP option.
     508\fBrev-upgrade\fP can run more checks against a special loadcommand in Mach-O
     509binaries that should always be referencing the file itself. This check is most
     510helpful for maintainers to check whether their ports have been built correctly.
     511It is disabled by default and can be enabled by passing \fB--id-loadcmd-check\fP
     512to \fBrev-upgrade\fP.
    495513.Ss clean
    496514Clean the files used for building
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    r82923 r88412  
    8585older than the previous version, the
    8686.Ic epoch
    87 should be increased. Often the
     87should be increased. Some
     88.Nm Portfile
     89authors have used large
    8890.Ic epoch
    89 is formatted like a date.
     91values that look like a date, but there is no reason to do so. The
     92.Ic epoch
     93is simply an unsigned integer, and the only requirement is that it never be
    9196.Sy Type:
    97102.Sy Example:
    98 .Dl epoch 20041231
     103.Dl epoch 1
    99104.It Ic description
    100105One line description of the software and what it does.  To appear in the
    202207.Sy Example:
    203208.Dl platforms darwin
     209.It Ic supported_archs
     210The CPU architectures for which this port can be built. Archs currently
     211supported by Mac OS X are: i386, ppc, ppc64, x86_64. If this option is not set,
     212it is assumed that the port can build for all archs. If a port does not install
     213any architecture-specific files, use the special value noarch.
     215If the building architecture isn't among supported_archs, port fails with an
     216error message except when building on x86_64 (or ppc64) and supported_archs
     217contains i386 (or ppc). In this case, the port will be built in 32-bit mode.
     219.Sy Type:
     220.Em optional
     222.Sy Values:
     223.Em i386 x86_64 ppc ppc64 noarch
     225.Sy Default:
     226.Em i386 x86_64 ppc ppc64
     228.Sy Examples:
     229.Dl supported_archs i386 x86_64
     230.Dl supported_archs noarch
    204231.It Ic homepage
    205232Project homepage for the port.
    258285The checksum
    259286.Ar type
    260 can currently be md5, rmd160 or sha1. The
     287can currently be md5, sha1, rmd160 or sha256. The
    261288.Ar filename
    262289can be omitted if there is only one distfile.
    303330.Sy Default:
    304 .Em no
    305 .br
    306 .Sy Example:
    307 .Dl use_parallel_build yes
     331.Em yes
     333.Sy Example:
     334.Dl use_parallel_build no
    308335.It Ic use_automake
    309336If set to yes, run the
    461488.Sy Example:
    462 .Dl configure.env CPP=/usr/bin/cpp-4.0
     489.Dl build.env CC="${configure.cc} [get_canonical_archflags]"
    463490.It Va target Ns Ic .pre_args
    464491Additional arguments passed before the main arguments.
    597624.Sy Default:
    598 .Em /Applications/Macports
     625.Em /Applications/MacPorts
    599626.It Ic frameworks_dir
    600627Absolute path to the final location to install Mac OS X framework
    610 Port dependencies should refer to other MacPort ports
     637Port dependencies should refer to other MacPorts ports
    611638whenever possible, therefore each dependency should be
    612639expressed in the format:
    672699.Sy Example:
    673 .Dl depends_extract port:xz-devel
     700.Dl depends_extract path:bin/xz:xz
    674701.It Ic depends_build
    675702List of dependencies to check before
    790817.Sy Example:
    791 .Dl patchfiles japanese-widechar-fix.diff japanese-localization.diff
     818.Dl patchfiles patch-Makefile.in.diff patch-main.c.diff
    792819.It Ic use_zip
    793820Use zip.
    967994.Sy Example:
    968 .Dl svn.url http://www.domain.com/svn-repo/mydirectory
    969       svn.url svn://www.domain.com/svn-repo/mydirectory
    970 .It Ic svn.tag
     995.Dl svn.url https://www.example.com/svn/project/tags/1.2.3
     996      svn.url svn://www.example.com/svn/project/tags/1.2.3
     997.It Ic svn.revision
    971998Specify a tag from which svn should fetch files. This
    972999corresponds to the -r option to the svn cli.  Note that you
    9831010.Sy Example:
    984 .Dl svn.tag 37192
    985       svn.tag \\{\\"2006-02-17 15:30 +0230\\"\\}
     1011.Dl svn.revision 37192
     1012      svn.revision \\{\\"2006-02-17 15:30 +0230\\"\\}
    9871014.Ss FETCHING FROM GIT
    11941221.Em gcc-4.0
    11951222.Em gcc-4.2
    1196 use the standard system compiler suites,
    11971223.Em llvm-gcc-4.2
    11981224.Em clang
    1199 use the newer, non-default compilers installed by Xcode,
    1200 .Em apple-gcc-3.3
     1225use the standard Xcode compiler suites,
    12011226.Em apple-gcc-4.0
    12021227.Em apple-gcc-4.2
    12031228use Apple's gcc suite installed via MacPorts,
    1204 .Em macports-gcc-3.3
    1205 .Em macports-gcc-3.4
    1206 .Em macports-gcc-4.0
    1207 .Em macports-gcc-4.1
    12081229.Em macports-gcc-4.2
    12091230.Em macports-gcc-4.3
    12101231.Em macports-gcc-4.4
    12111232.Em macports-gcc-4.5
    1212 use the vanilla gcc installed via MacPorts.
     1233.Em macports-gcc-4.6
     1234.Em macports-llvm-gcc-4.2
     1235use the vanilla compiler suites installed via MacPorts.
    12141237.Sy Type:
    12171240.Sy Values:
    1218 .Em gcc-3.3 gcc-4.0 gcc-4.2 llvm-gcc-4.2 clang apple-gcc-3.3 apple-gcc-4.0 apple-gcc-4.2 macports-gcc-3.3 macports-gcc-3.4 macports-gcc-4.0 macports-gcc-4.1 macports-gcc-4.2 macports-gcc-4.3 macports-gcc-4.4 macports-gcc-4.5
    1219 .br
    1220 .Sy Example:
    1221 .Dl configure.compiler gcc-4.0
     1241.Em gcc-3.3 gcc-4.0 gcc-4.2 llvm-gcc-4.2 clang apple-gcc-4.0 apple-gcc-4.2 macports-gcc-4.2 macports-gcc-4.3 macports-gcc-4.4 macports-gcc-4.5 macports-gcc-4.6 macports-llvm-gcc-4.2
     1243.Sy Example:
     1244.Dl configure.compiler llvm-gcc-4.2
    12221245.\" FOOBAR
    17481771variant gnome requires glib { configure.args-append --with-gnome \e\
    1750     depends_lib-append lib:gnome-session:gnome-session }
     1773    depends_lib-append port:gnome-session }
    17521775.It Ic default_variants
    17971820The body is executed if the given platform/version/arch combination matches
    17981821os.platform or os.subplatform and/or os.major and/or os.arch.
    1799 The following examples are from the databases/db4 and devel/libidl1
     1822The following examples are from the lang/php5, audio/flac and sysutils/getopt
    18001823.Nm Portfiles
    18061829.Sy Example:
    18071830.Bd -literal -offset indent -compact
    1808 platform darwin 6 { configure.args-append   --enable-tcl \e\
    1810         --with-tcl=/System/Library/Tcl/8.3 }
     1831platform darwin 10 { configure.env-append LIBS=-lresolv }
    18131834.Sy Example:
    18141835.Bd -literal -offset indent -compact
    1815 platform darwin powerpc { configure.args-append \e\
    1817         --host=${os.arch}-apple-rhapsody${os.version} }
    1818 platform darwin i386 { configure.args-append \e\
    1820         --host=i386-gnu-rhapsody${os.version} }
     1836platform darwin i386 { configure.args-append --disable-asm-optimizations }
     1839.Sy Example:
     1840.Bd -literal -offset indent -compact
     1841platform darwin 8 powerpc { configure.universal_ldflags-append -liconv }
    20552076Built-in command mimicking the BSD ln command.
    2056 .It Ic system Ar commandline
     2077.It Xo
     2078.Ic system
     2079.Op Fl W Ar dir
     2080.Ar commandline
    20572082Execute a program. See
    20582083.Xr system 3 .
    20682093.Nm file
    20692094if they don't meet your requirements.
     2095.Bl -tag -width indent
     2096.It Fl W
     2097Change to
     2098.Ar dir
     2099before working.
    20702101.It Ic variant_isset Ar variant
    20712102Checks if the given
    21232154Compare two EVR-format versions for equality.  The return value is like
    21242155strcmp(), returning -1, 0, or 1 when versionA is earlier, equal to, or
    2125 later than versionB, respectively.  Note that some comparisions featuring
     2156later than versionB, respectively.  Note that some comparisons featuring
    21262157floating-point notation may compare incorrectly, e.g. 2.101 is considered
    21272158later than 2.2 (101 is larger than 2) which may be incorrect per some
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