NOTE: Voting venue changed to sancho due to lamancha instability, see below

Darwinports portmgr@ Election

The candidates for the portmgr@ election are (in no particular order):
  • Tristan O'Tierney (tristan)
  • Jim Mock (mij)
  • Markus Weissmann (mww)
  • Juan Manual Palacios (jmpp)
  • Ole Guldberg Jensen (olegb)
The voting will be conducted as follows:

- Each commiter will upload a text file named "portmgr-vote-loginname.txt" containing the votes to their home directory on sancho.opendarwin.org. sftp will work for uploading to sancho. Your vote-meister prefers that your vote files are readable by group staff (see below for voting end time). sftp may require a numeric group ID instead of 'staff', in this case 20 == staff.

- The preferred format for the voting files is one vote per line. Preferred line format is to have the nickname of the candidate (as in parenthesis above), nothing else.

- If, for some reason, sancho.opendarwin.org is not available at voting time, you may email:

as a substitute. Messages must be *received* before the voting deadline. It is *highly* recommended you vote at least a day before the deadline in case of problems.

- Each commiter can place a total of 3 votes, with only one vote per candidate. Duplicate votes will be discarded.

- Voting ends at the 15 march 2005 at 09:00 UTC (yes virginia, that's 01:00 US/Pacific).

- Votes will be tabulated by the official vote-meister and announced on the darwinports mailing list.