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(edit) @60371   11 years blb Followup to r60370 to get some svn:mergeinfo revisions missed
(edit) @60370   11 years blb Correct some svn:mergeinfo props to hopefully get it to merge back to …
(edit) @60369   11 years blb Merge from trunk
(edit) @60075   11 years blb Merge from trunk
(edit) @59837   11 years blb Merge from trunk
(edit) @59535   11 years blb Miscellaneous fallout after r59527
(edit) @59527   11 years blb Merge from trunk (may be a few missed bits to be picked up later)
(edit) @55700   11 years enl Code cleanups
(edit) @55699   11 years enl Fix separate logging when building deps
(edit) @55640   11 years enl Added help for port command
(edit) @55506   11 years enl Merge from trunk
(edit) @55416   11 years enl Changed options names for log command and added documentation
(edit) @55414   11 years enl Version stamp
(edit) @54739   11 years enl Added prefix to the logdir
(edit) @54738   11 years enl "copy_log_files" Portfile option added that let to specify files in …
(edit) @54361   11 years enl Added timestamping at the start of every phase
(edit) @53509   11 years enl Merge from trunk + little code cleanups
(edit) @53481   11 years enl added "--stage" and "--prefix" options to port log command
(edit) @53422   11 years enl Stages are set automatically for ui_message now
(edit) @52915   11 years enl bug fix for a bug fix :)
(edit) @52909   11 years enl small bugfix
(edit) @52854   11 years enl Changes to provide ui_prefix_stage functions and new logging prefixes
(edit) @52853   11 years enl port clean has now "--logs" option which deletes log file additionally
(edit) @52589   11 years enl Added "keeplogs" option to macports.conf that defines if we need to …
(edit) @52218   11 years enl Merge from trunk
(edit) @51826   11 years enl port log <port> command now shows log file for port
(edit) @51440   11 years enl Simplified dir creation
(edit) @51439   11 years enl Moved logfile to ${prefix}/var/macports/${portname}/
(edit) @51420   11 years enl debug priority bug fix: we dont know the real size of channels because …
(edit) @51415   11 years enl Deleted log clean proc from port.tcl, no need, because now it is …
(edit) @51414   11 years enl Port-specific log storing implemented
(edit) @51411   11 years enl Made $channels var (and now an array) global for easier future …
(edit) @51410   11 years enl Bug with channels fixed
(edit) @51385   11 years enl Use interp instead of dynamic functions for ui_$priority
(edit) @51384   11 years enl Merge from trunk
(edit) @51378   11 years enl Put ui_channels inside macports.tcl and restored original ui_channels …
(edit) @51303   11 years enl Ticket #18719 + autoclean toggle
(copy) @51231   11 years enl Copy of trunk/base
copied from trunk/base:
(edit) @51217   11 years toby update config.guess
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