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(edit) @3656   16 years fkr Bug: Submitted by: Reviewed by: Approved by: Obtained from: point to …
(edit) @3336   16 years ssen Update paths. Removed stale info about FreeBSD configuration. Updated …
(edit) @2629   17 years jpm fixed numbering typo in READMEs identified by: brent@… …
(edit) @2215   17 years landonf Beautification and FreeBSD-related information Bug #: 377 Submitted …
(edit) @1502   17 years landonf Update README and to refer to new configuration settings in …
(edit) @1366   17 years landonf Remove reference to "port sync"
(edit) @1365   17 years landonf Update README, removing the [optional] tag regarding editing …
(edit) @1142   17 years jkh Conditionalize appropriately for FreeBSD and adjust docs to reflect …
(edit) @1083   17 years jkh Document portall as well.
(edit) @1038   17 years landonf Disable :( default remote indexing for now
(edit) @901   17 years landonf Correct file path
(edit) @791   17 years jkh Update to indicate that PREFIX can be set to somewhere other than …
(edit) @789   17 years jkh Update to conform to the current state of reality.
(edit) @738   17 years landonf Bring documentation closer to reality
(edit) @590   17 years landonf Change 'portbuild' to 'port' and explain required path changes
(edit) @589   17 years landonf Modify to appease a test user's stylistic nit
(edit) @588   17 years landonf First round of documentation changes requested by early testers
(edit) @587   17 years landonf Better definition of sysportpath
(edit) @435   17 years landonf Support /etc/defaults/ports.conf
(edit) @413   17 years landonf Add first draft of INTERNALS documentation
(edit) @408   17 years jkh Move from /usr/local into /opt/local
(edit) @340   17 years landonf Last GNU / BSD makefile fixes
(edit) @299   17 years landonf Support specifying target without -t flag
(edit) @282   17 years landonf Install default /etc/ports.conf Document default settings
(edit) @276   17 years jkh Correctly point out that sudo is necessary to install
(edit) @275   17 years landonf Commit first draft of example port
(edit) @274   17 years landonf User-friendly README
(edit) @214   18 years landonf Merge in "bigmove" reorg branch. System now requires bsdmake && …
(add) @44   18 years landonf Initial readme
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